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I haven’t posted anything all day today because I was honestly contemplating on what to do about the comments. Recently they’ve started getting really nasty and I even had to delete my post on the dog shooting videos because I got threatened by a reader in one of the comments.

Freedom of speech does not include threats or random accusations.

My commentators can basically be divided into 3 groups:
1- Normal expats and Kuwaitis
2- Expats who really hate Kuwait
3- Kuwaitis who really hate expats

The last two groups are the issue and I think I’m going to start moderating the comments even more so than I currently am unless the two groups can learn to respect each other in every discussion. It’s frustrating and upsetting how ugly things can get.

I’m not going to change anything for now, but if this continues to happen I’m going to start deleting a lot more comments which I don’t want to do.

So please, lets make this work.
Thank you.

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