Start Tracking Curfew Violators

Just like how you can track new Coronavirus cases on the Ministry of Health Instagram account, you can also track the curfew violators on the Ministry of Interior account. What I find funny is how the Kuwaitis vs Other Nationalities looks like a scoring system in their graphic, and since we don’t have any live sports to watch, I guess this is the next best thing. So hard luck guys, we’ll do better tonight! Link

4 replies on “Start Tracking Curfew Violators”

That’s nice. If only the ‘Coronavirus’ cases were also given in detail areawise. That’d be helpful.

I agree. I like the detail they give for how each case was contracted, but I would really like to know how many were found in MY area!

And speaking of curfew violators – I wonder if the ones in Hawalli governorate were the guys in muscle cars zooming up and down in Jabriya last night around midnight!

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