Influencer is the #1 Dream Job in Kuwait

The financial services company Remitly analyzed and published a list of the most popular dream jobs around the world.

Remitluy used Google search data to establish the annual search volume in each country for ‘how to be a [job]’. The most searched for job was then used as the top career for the specific country.

According to their results, the top dream job in Kuwait is being an influencer. Everyone else in the GCC wants to be a poet for some reason while the most popular dream job overall in the world was a pilot. Click here to view the full map or visit the source.

19 replies on “Influencer is the #1 Dream Job in Kuwait”

As an Iranian, It is so interesting whenever I read assumptions about Iran. Iranians have access to Google. Google does not provide some data about sanctioned countries, but people can use it.

The weird thing about this map is that instead of Israel it says Iran.

On the main page it said 6 comments and then when I clicked on the post it was 1 comment and only 1 was visible. Maybe it was a glitch. Anyways I see them all now.

I actually thought the # 1 Dream job in Kuwait is being a ‘visa trader’. Guess, Remitly has proven me wrong.

I like the fact they referred to occupied territories of Palestine as Iran xD

How they’re not being sued fir antisemitism?!

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