Does anyone have a Windows Phone?

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According to a recent news article, Microsoft is claiming that the Windows Phone outsold the iPhone in Kuwait. Thing is I don’t know anyone who has a Windows Phone. I think the last time I saw someone using a Windows Phone was a few years ago and it was a friend visiting from Dubai, but even he’s back to the iPhone. [Article]

Thanks Tuan

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  1. q80 says:

    I only knew one guy two years ago who actually got it for free since he was working as a marketer for an electronics store :)

  2. BR says:

    Only guy I know is a microsoft employee. He has the company phone (windows) in his back pocket and his primary phone(iphone) in hand.

  3. cajie says:

    I do :(

  4. Sumsang says:

    I know many people who have the new Lumias. Many many people actually. However I don’t think it outsold the iPhone, and definitely didn’t outsell Android (or even just Samsung alone).

  5. mobi says:

    I know Q8geek uses one. I switched to android from Windows Phone ages ago though.

  6. dougmacho says:

    I was last year, i loved the screen and colors of the 920……also excellent low light camera. It was heavy though.

    I have a 5s, ONE and Xperia ZL now. I would pick up the 1020 lumia 2nd hand possibly, now that instagram is officially out for it.

    Honestly there is yet to be a perfect mobile yet, though the ONE is the closest.

  7. Rico says:

    I have a Nokia Lumia 820. It’s a very nice phone and heavy duty. It has all the features that can be found in an iphone or a samsung. Also all similar apps can be found in the store.

  8. 500 says:

    The list of counties that out-shipped the iPhone in the article are mostly poor countries (not all of them). There is something fishy about this article…

  9. Khal3d81 says:

    tried it, it was ok, the major thing that drives me away from it is that all the apps are not available!!

  10. BAJS says:

    How would they even track iphone sales given there is no official retailer? Its all resellers here. I’m calling BS on this one.

  11. DIAM89 says:

    I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 but I use it as a camera. No SIM card.

  12. AngelOfDeth says:

    rocking 3 at the moment: a 920, 620 and 1520.

    Been a dedicated WP user for more than 2 years now, and loving every bit of it :)

  13. Blaise Braganza says:

    I have a laptop which runs on Windows 8

  14. WiiU says:

    I bought Lumia 920 but I didn’t like Windows Phone 8 at all. They need to make it more user-friendly

  15. ibnturab says:

    This article is living in fantasy land. Just go upto the staff at xcite or carrefour ask them how well Nokia Lumias are selling.

  16. Tarek J says:

    I have a windows phone, a Lumia 925 and I love it, recent convert after being with the iPhone since day 1. Great camera, and app store has grown immensely in just the past few months.

    I think there is a possibility that it outsold the iPhone here because there are nokia lumias that cost like 15-20 KD that are being marketed to underprivileged expats. its a smart phone with viber and whatsapp and so on for super cheap… I never thought it would be a hit, but it’s a market leader in India cause they’re focussing on lower end phones. They have a few high end ones that they push in all their ads to appear competitive, but their edge is with the cheap stuff

  17. Tarek J says:

    oh, also wataniya are offering free windows phones with all their cheaper packages, so maybe wataniya bought a huge amount that shifted the balance?

  18. Q8Path says:

    NO !!
    I hate Blackberry and Windows Mobile

  19. 3azeez says:

    I have Windows Phone. I had Nokia Lumia 920 and recently got the Lumia 1020. Both are excellent phones. Once you start using Windows Phone you’ll never go back to iPhone.

    I’m soon switching from iPad to Windows tablet (probably Nokia tablet as well).

  20. Tuan says:

    I got a Lumia 1020 just before New Year. Its fantastic and its really fast. Even the OS is pretty neat though you dont have much mod`s like android. Switched from Galaxy S3 to Lumia and totally happy. Android is like crappy slow though it has infinite cores. Only thing is I bought it in Sri Lanka… Check out my instagram profile for the camera…

  21. sad jay says:

    Have one Lumia since one week , I love it.
    Crisp screen , light apps , the Nokia ecosystem is improving. Love the Nokia Radio.

  22. crazykwt says:

    Been using a NOKIA for six months now and loving it…. Its perfect for mid level users – The ones uncomfortable with the open architecture of Android or the shackles of the Apple iOS… the windows 8 Amber update fits in between… been using twitter, instagram, FB, vine etc on it w/o any issues..

    Having said that, I do doubt if its outselling the iphone…

  23. mentabolism says:

    Hi My name is ….. and I own a nokia Lumia 1020!
    WP is not so bad!

  24. blarneyBoB says:

    hey… did you know that you can change Nokia phone cases in different colors?

    and you can download apps, too!!!

    (nokia was sleeping in a cave and assumed everybody did too)

  25. Salem says:

    It says outshipped not outsold. Big difference.

  26. Hama says:

    HTC one is the best :)

  27. AviationDudeling says:

    I have a blackberry Z10, been a prosumer since 2003 and there is nothing in this world that would make me shift to iphones or android. keep in mind I owned two galaxy sets and one iphone (4) at some point but ended giving up on them. There is not one security flaw with BB servers, my data are all encrypted and would take several light years to decode by anyone including the NSA, keep in mind most government agencies in the US including department of defense wont give up their BBs.

    Someone would jump and ask, WHAT ABOUT APPS? I can sideload (its something only done with BB) any android application that comes to mind yet keeping my transactions secure, I have Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram, Candy Crush, the list goes on and on all sideloaded on my BB, they work GREAT. You might ask how? Well BBRY have a simple application that is like an android player, it emulates all apps, lightning fast and in perfect state most of the time.

    Would I switch to any other device? No. No and No

    My fall and BBRYs fall are tied.

  28. AA says:

    The article says it has out-shipped, not out-sold which is a big difference.

    So I don’t think there is a possibility that there are more Nokia phones out there than iPhones.

  29. Kevin says:

    I bought a Lumina 900 when they first came out and I haven’t looked back. I’ve owned iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, and Android devices. Android was my least favorite. My top pick is the Windows phone with the iPhone a close second.

  30. aaa says:

    They are most definitely looking at “official” numbers, like sets sold through a carrier. Most iPhones sold in Kuwait are imported so they won’t show up as Kuwait sales.

  31. Husain says:

    Well the Best Feature i really like
    1. Kids Zone where you allow Kids to play games selected games the admin selects .calls and rest everything is locked and they cannot see anything only games Because of this feature i bought this Phone.
    Battery is good and for rough USE.

  32. B. Mansour says:

    I’ve had the 920 for more than 7 months and it’s an awesome device. I keep getting curious questions about the apps and what not; honestly it has most the apps that you will need. It is fast and the phone doesn’t degrade with time (looking at you Android Phones).

    To answer your question, i know three other people that have (and use) WP devices.

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