Dyson AirBlade

Post by Mark

Ok this might sound weird but one of the things I remember the most about Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport was the hand dryer in the bathroom (video above although it really doesn’t do it justice). It was just incredibly powerful, like it must have been connected to an extra airplane jet engine they had lying around because it was just vicious.

I never found another hand dryer as powerful until recently while I was in Lebanon I was washing my hands in a bathroom at a mall when I spotted the Dyson AirBlade (video above but there are like a million others on YouTube). Dyson if you don’t know make some very cool vacuum clears and fans so it kinda makes sense I guess that they make hand dryers. Anyway although the AirBlade wasn’t as powerful as the Terminal 5 hand dryer it looked really cool and it currently ranks the second most powerful hand dryer I’ve ever used. So I was checking to see how much it costs cuz it would be cool to get one for the house and it turns out they’re selling on eBay for over $1,200!

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  1. Karahana says:

    They are incredibly powerful yet cool and VERY expensive. My girlfriend has a Dyson vacuum and it’s also stupidly expensive. I love those hand dryers.

  2. Summer says:

    they would be nice for the malls!! so they dnt have to waste so much tissue!



  3. bader says:

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  4. Qutaiba R says:

    The Dyson hand dryer i have seen in many resturants in London this summer. It is strong and fast in drying the hands. Also it has indicators for the time and movement of the hand.

  5. StuckInThe80's says:

    Cool machines. With a simple tweak to add dust particles to the blown air, you’ll have the world’s first Kuwait Summer Simulator.

  6. Suleiman says:

    The difference between a regular hand dryer and an Airblade is that the Airblade doesn’t use hot air to dry your hands, it uses a “blade” of air to wipe the water off your hands.

    The result is that you actually leave with dry hands.

  7. Aliman says:

    If you love dyson you should check out the Air multipliers we got one for our house from Paris and its amazing, it like a fan but not really!
    it gives a constant stream of wind like a gust and it feels natural and more importantly it has no blades and no sound AMAZING!

  8. fns says:

    I have seen Dyson hand dryer in Amsterdam and in Rome. It’s the best!

  9. Mark says:

    Aliman: Thats what I meant by fans, I saw them when I was in the US and they were very cool. I really want this one http://www.dyson.com/store/productFan.asp?product=AM03-SILSIL

    Also have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WNcjkZ6d0w

  10. Abdullah says:

    They exist everywhere in the US

  11. Aliman says:

    That video is amazing!!! we dont have that many :( just one but were waiting for the big ones to come out (like the one you want) to get a few of those They are amazing we have the white one of these http://www.dyson.com/store/productFan.asp?product=AM01-IRONSIL

  12. SweetD says:

    yeah for those that actually wash their hands :D hehhe

  13. M says:

    Man I found like the second machine in Wasabi Restaurant @ Oxford St also in Many bathroom’s in london this summer when I was there

  14. mumbojumbo says:

    If you saw them in London heathrow i was taking a road trip in the US and i found them in a mall in………….NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!

  15. q8travelbud says:

    I found this in victoria station in london …. but I hate the idea of no tissues available at all!

  16. Duke says:

    yea they have them here in canada. I used one a few days ago but I didn’t like how your hands hit the sides of the machine. I mean everyones hands touches the sides of the machine that’s so disgusting.

  17. HAHK says:

    there’s one in Ski Dubai, duno if it’s the Dyson, but it was soo powerful. ur skin actually moves and all, like a mini crater on top of my hand was formed

  18. Ajit says:

    Yeah as Abdullah pointed it out, they pretty much are standard everywhere in the US. Never really noticed. Don’t we have it yet in Kuwait?

  19. Qaiss says:

    I just posted about this a day after you mark, thats weired:P there amazing used them in the states.

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