My Favorite Headphones are on Sale

A couple of years ago I posted a review on the Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones. They’re really really great and I’ve been using them ever since that post as my go-to travel headphones since they do such an incredible job of canceling the plane noise (they’re better than Bose). Back then I purchased them for around KD110 but this weekend I noticed they were on sale at Xcite for just 55KD! (cheaper than Amazon even)

I made a friend purchase a pair and figured I’d post about it as well. 55KD for these headphones is a too good to pass price. If you’re looking for noise-canceling headphones, get these before they sell out. I spotted them at their Hawalli branch but they also have them on their website.

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I have been a fan of bose quiet comfort for years! but I switched to Sony last year. They are superior to Bose right now. But there is a newer model XM4 and its also on sale but not as cheap as the older model.

Yeah they’re on sale at 88 but the changes between the two is so minor that I’d just get the cheaper XM3 at 55. 55! That’s half what I paid 😢

Also @Mark, I bought a DSLR with 18-55 lens kit for 300kd in 2015 and a year later, I noticed they were selling the last piece for 99kd.. I was pissed!.

Any suggestions how is the performance of beats studio buds.. are they better then apple AirPods Pro and Bose sports earbuds..

I don’t recall ever using them for a video call. I literally use these only on the plane when traveling due to the noise cancellation. For everything else I use the AirPods Pro due to their practicality.

What brand of type C cable do you use to charge the headphones?

Mine apparently only charges when I use the cable that was included in the box. Kinda odd but not a major issue.

I use the same USB-C cable that came with my iPad and works fine. But I have run into your issue before with a rechargeable light bar I use when I work on my car, that only charges with its cable, won’t charge with the iPad cable. So I guess some devices are finicky.

According to Sony Support

“Why Does It Matter What Type of Cable is Used?
There are USB cables promoted as For Charging Only. These cables have a reduced internal connection pattern in which the D+/- communication wires aren’t connected.

For Bluetooth® and noise-canceling headphones, and for most other portable products, it is important that these communication lines are connected. Otherwise, it may not be possible to charge your device.”

So I guess my Samsung doesn’t meet the requirements 🤷.

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