Review: Aquapac vs LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Cases

Post by Mark

I’ve always wanted a waterproof camera which I could take with me to the beach but since I don’t go to the beach that often it wasn’t worth the investment. But with all the waterproof cases available for the iPhone right now I realized that might be my best option. I ended up buying and trying two very different cases, the Aquapac and the LifeProof.

The Aquapac isn’t really a case but more like a bag in which you slip your phone into and then seal with two knobs. Even with the phone inside you can still control it from the outside and since the case is transparent on both sides you can use the camera as well. You can throw in your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or whatever else you want since because it’s more of a bag you can just throw different sized devices into it. The case comes with a bright yellow lanyard which you can use to hang the phone around your neck or tie it to your jet ski or whatever. Also depending on how much air you leave in the bag before sealing it you can have it float on water which is handy in case it falls off the boat. But I did have one major issue with the bag and that’s underwater shooting. Because the case is made of soft plastic, once in the water it flexes and if it flexes in front of the lens which with me it kept doing then all the photos come out distorted. I also had a hard time using the volume buttons on the phone because I had to bend the bag to get to them and although you can make and receive calls with the bag on you’re not going to hear your caller well nor will they. But the case costs just KD9 so it’s a very affordable way to waterproof your phone.

The second case I got and tried was the LifeProof. This is a proper hard case that comes in two halves, you place your phone into one of the halves and then seal it by clicking into place the second half. The case is slightly larger than the phone so it doesn’t add much bulk and it allows you to fully control the screen and all the buttons while inside it. In fact I know someone who uses this case as his day to day phone cover. There’s a Goretex material covering the mic and earphone so it stops water from seeping in but allows you to talk and listen with just a slight decrease in volume. There’s also a solid glass piece over where the camera lens is so you can take pictures underwater without having to worry about any distortion. If you want to use waterproof headphones with your phone you can also do that since it comes with a special waterproof headphone adapter you just screw into place. The disadvantage with this case is the fact it only works with the iPhone 4/4s which means if you sell your phone you can’t use it with another one. It’s also more expensive than the Aquapac costing around KD15 on Amazon and it doesn’t float on the water and neither does it come with a lanyard.

Between the two covers I personally prefer the LifeProof. Although it’s more expensive it’s only by a few Dinars and the fact I can shoot underwater or use the case as my day to day case is a huge advantage. But, the Aquapac does have it’s own advantages as well namely the fact you can use it with a variety of phones and that it’s really easy to slip in or take out a phone from the case. Below are links to both products on Amazon where I purchased the cases from. When I ordered my LifeProof case the cheapest price in Kuwait was KD27. After I placed my order Blink dropped the price down to KD22 which is basically the same price it cost me to get my case from Amazon.

Aquapac on Amazon
LifeProof on Amazon
LifeProof on Blink

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  1. cajie says:

    Review without sample pictures?

  2. M says:

    What about putting ur iphone in the lifeproof then placing it in the Aquapac BAM! :p

  3. Hamad says:

    From where did you get these Waterproofs !!!!

  4. Abdullah says:

    OMG i just watched a video of a woman demostrating the Lifeproof case and its awesome, she threw it around and it kept working. i need to get me one xD

  5. Bo Fahad says:

    I prefer “Krusell SEaLABox Universal WaterProof Case”, it combines both, it is universal, takes good pictures, good price and also comes with a lanyard to hang on your neck.

  6. spydistrict says:

    “…….and although you can make and receive calls with the bag on you’re not going to hear your caller well nor will they.”

    How do you talk and listen underwater? Even with an oxygen mask.

  7. ----- says:

    thank you mark this really helped i bought one in kuwait ilsul6ana posted about it its an iphone cover waterproof a diffrent brand but the problem is i can take photos underwater because the plastic that was covering it was too stretchy and i was thinkin of a new one to buy and u just really help thank you soo much ooh and the one i bought was for 20 kd

  8. Cali87 says:

    I bought the Lifeproof last November and as soon as I received it I put the case under water for 4 hours (without the phone) to make sure it works and it passed with flying colors. The pictures I take are fine and I now wash my iPhone in the sink whenever it gets dirty. I can take it with me to the beach without any worries!

  9. Fawaz says:

    FYI super marine sells the aquapac in Kuwait.

  10. Fawaz says:

    Mark i got it for 7KD and they have most of the sizes

    • harsh says:

      I recently bought a new apple iPhone 6 plus for my wife on her birthday. Soon after we went on a beach holiday and my wife bought an aquapac case Incase the phone dropped in the water.

      While on holiday we used the aquapac with the phone inside and the phone was completely destroyed while in water

      We wrote too aquapac who found a little hole, a possible manufacturing defect, and hence were happy to replace the aquapac product. The fact that their defect destroyed my 1000 phone is not their concern as its not part of the warranty.

      In my opinion, don’t waste your money on this product.

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