Event: Teswa?

Post by Mark

The Center for Gulf Studies at the American University of Kuwait in association with EBLA International presents a film screening entitled:

Teswa? (Was it worth it?)

A national drive safe campaign documentary film showcasing the effects of reckless driving in Kuwait.

EBLA created the first investigative film inquiring into the reasons behind Kuwait’s road accident death toll, disclosing the factors that make Kuwait the country with the highest global statistic of lethal car accidents per capita.

The 30 minute film covers a wide range of issues identifying the source of the problem, ranging from institutional to societal factors, and concludes by offering proposed solutions. The aim of the film is to inspire proactive change, raise awareness and to empower society to produce change. The film is launched in tandem with a nation-wide marketing campaign that includes outdoor media, magazines, radio and newspapers.

Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2012
Time: 6PM
Location: AUK Auditorium

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  1. M7md Ghazi says:

    love the idea ..
    they should make more from these campaigns they don’t know how many lives they could save

  2. nice. the ministry should support and sponsor such projects

  3. Nixon says:

    I sure hope they post it on youtube…

  4. The Real Burhan says:

    Is this the same campaign that’s posting the billboards of “irresponsible parents”?

    They are mainly on Gulf Road.

  5. Teswa says:

    Thank you Mark for sharing awareness about this campaign. We just had our first film screening in the American University of Kuwait last night, and we will be having a private premier at Cinescape Cinemas this evening, after which the film will go viral on Cinescapes social media website for everyone to access and discuss.
    The comments on this post are great. Yes, we would have loved more support and sponsorship, but we managed to get the word out and its now spreading, after a year of hard effort, and we hopeit will turn things around and help save lives. If youd like to support this cause please join our social media presence at hayatak teswa on FB, Twitter and Instagram, and let us kow what ou think of our billboards on the streets. Yes, we are the same camapign that targets irresponsible parenthood as well as various other destructive driving patterns.
    Thank you for your support.
    The Teswa Team

  6. Safi says:

    I suggest you post it on YouTube for all the students studying abroad. They’ll be coming home one day and driving this initiative.

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