InfoConnect 2014

Post by Mark

The 32nd InfoConnect exhibition starts tomorrow and will be running till February 2nd at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds. You can usually get some great deals on phones and internet subscriptions at the exhibit and theres already a thread in the Community listing some of the offers.

For more details including the exhibition timings click [Here]

Note: Their website says January 26th to February 1st but their flyer says January 27th to February 2nd.

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  1. Grammar Nazi says:

    *their already a thread
    to: there’s already a thread

  2. Lucky_dude says:

    its open today 26 already been there !

  3. Ahmed says:

    What is the best offers so far?

  4. Abdullah says:

    I think the best offer so far is kems


  5. ATG says:

    I got 24mb internet for as little as 180 per year and it was activated in 30 min .

  6. Samo says:

    How can I know if my line can handle the internet speed I want?

  7. they always have great offers there.

    It needs to include future technologies or something

  8. Husain says:

    Hi Mark. Just wanted to know what’s your recent feedback on WiMD service quality. I’m assuming you’re still subscribed to them. I’m planning on switching from DSL to WiMD for my home but have heard mixed responses from people that are using it.

  9. Anwar says:

    Hey ,

    Any offers in iPhone 5s ?
    I was thinking to go there only If anyone has seen there 5s being sold @ less then 180Kd as I saw Lulu Hypermarket discount for 5s as 179.9Kd ”

    Please let me know :)


  10. Kamal says:

    I made a big mistake by upgrading my connection to Unlimited (Max. my line can handle according to Gulfnet is 8Mbps)with Gulfnet’s 75KD annual plan. That in itself was a big hurdle as I was already on a 2Mbps plan for 1 year that I got on a promotional annual offer of 30KD. They argued that it was impossible to upgrade my speed due to their “Business policy” and that I had to pay for this year and another year in full i.e. 75 + 75 = 150KD. After a threat to just walk over to the FastTelco booth to change the ISP, the guys runs to his manager, comes back and tells that they made a “special exception” and have decided to upgrade my connection for just the rest of the period by paying the differential amount.

    They said the line was upgraded to 8Mbps immediately and I can just restart the router to enjoy the higher speed. That was yesterday and I still have 2Mbps. Gulfnet is just there to get money and don’t care about customer loyalty or solving technical issues. One more day and if they don’t comply, I will just walk up to their stall and cancel the connection in front of other customers. Customer care there is a joke and their sales team doesn’t even know what the hell they are talking about. Be careful everyone!

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