Kuwait’s 41st International Book Fair

Post by Mark


I found out about the Kuwait International Book Fair earlier today so I decided to pass by and check it out to see if there were any English books available. The book fair is taking place in halls 5, 6 and 7 of the international fairground and so its pretty huge. 95% of the books are in Arabic which makes it sound like there aren’t many English books but due to the size of the fair, 5% is still a lot. In hall 6 there were two large aisles stretching from one side of the hall all to the way to the other end full of English books ranging from educational and kids books, to novels and more. The amount of people at the fair tonight was insane and parking was crazy so I’d recommend parking far like at hall 8 and then walking over to the book fair. The fair is going to be there until the 26th of this month.

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  1. Safa says:

    Thank you for this is update. When I was kid i vaguely remember going for a book fair on a ship I wonder if they are still there.

  2. Shadia says:

    Hi Mark. Do you know from what time they open?

  3. daggero says:

    This is for Safa

    The Library Ship you visited when you were young is called The Doulos , She came to Kuwait in April 1995 .

    Here is a link to its organization Website


  4. Mohammad says:

    Thank you for posting about the event Mark :)

  5. Ozzy says:

    I impulse bought ‘where’s Wally’ books, that are now nice and snug in my drawer ;p

  6. James says:

    The fair is nice and yes for all the English book seekers, head to hall 6. I however wanted to bring notice to the parking fiasco. Please go early and get yourself into a legal spot. The police and some cronies wearing jackets will hassle you otherwise. I ended up inadvertently doing what Mark mentioned – park in Hall 8. Lovely weather luckily. Major suppliers like Hachete, Usborne and DK are there so its a treat – the parking challenge unfortunately takes a bite of the experience. I should however mention also – they are just doing their job given drivers are parking on the curbs, and blocking cars with flashers on slowing traffic down.

  7. Chris says:


    Where is the book fair? And how long does it last?

  8. sheina says:

    hi may i ask if when will be the Kuwait International Book Fair this 2017? thank you in advance.. kindly reply if possible ASAP…

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