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REUSE 2016, is a huge interactive event experience thats going to be taking place this weekend. REUSE will feature over 20 local and international artists who will be hosting a two day event on April 1st and 2nd at DAI Yarmouk. The artist that will be taking part in this event include:

Nonotak (France)
Maurice Mikkers (Netherlands)
Fari Bradley (Iran) + Chris Weaver (UK)
Altersal (Kuwait)
Norimichi Hirakawa (Japan)
TACIT (Germany)
Empty1/4 (Kuwait)
Maotik (Canada)
REFUNC (Netherlands)
Daan Brinkmann (Netherlands)
Tim Terpstra (Netherlands)
MagicIsland (Poland)
Nicholson (India)
soul xxx kicks (Kuwait)
David Munir Nabti (Lebanon)
Cheb Moha (Iraq)
Wolff (Germany)
A.S.N Rao (India)
Karim Sultan (UAE)
SALT (Kuwait)
Hababa (Kuwait)
Aaron Kim (Korea)


The event consists of three parts, (Day), (Night) and (LAB) with all three offering different experiences:

April 1 – 2 / 1PM to 9PM / Free
REUSE (Day) will be an immersive audience experiences that includes interactive art, impromptu discussions, engaging collaborations and more. These interactive experiences will take place in the various open spaces at DAI and is free to the public, no registration required just walk right in.

REUSE (Night)
April 1 – 2 / 5PM to 10PM / KD15 (single entry) or KD20 (weekend pass)
REUSE (Night) will consist of a series of live multimedia performances in partnership with the Red Bull Music Academy. This musical event is taking place at the DAI Yarmouk theater and requires tickets which can be purchased online [Here]

April 3 / 5PM to 9PM / Free (Registration Required)
REUSE (LAB) will be held on the final evening and it will take place Shaheed Park. The last night will engage the public through informal chats, panels and workshops. This event is free to attend but registration is required. To register click [Here]

It’s going to be a massive event with a lot going on so I’ve tried to simplify it as best as I can. I’ll be posting more about the event until it takes place but for now check out the links below for more details:


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REUSE (Night)

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  1. anonz says:

    looking forward to seeing emptykuarter! and altersal kill it

  2. Digital Nerd says:

    The ticket prices aren’t as mentioned up here:

    Weekend Pass 20 KWD
    One Day Pass 15 KWD

  3. aaa says:

    Shaheed Park is the best thing they have added to Kuwait in years

  4. Ipsom says:

    I think i already posted this comment (??):

    I really want to go but there’s so little details about the exact timings of the performances and the workshops. The website doesn’t provide much info :/

    • Mark says:

      The timings are as follows for April 1 and 2:

      1PM to 9PM – You can go to DAI Yarmouk and experience all the different experiences available. There are basically installations by all the different artists that you can interact with. It’s free entry.

      5PM to 10PM – Music performances by the artists.

  5. Brock says:

    I had a terrific time! I attended only Day 1 and enjoyed the performances by Nonotak, Nicholson and Altersal.

    There were some terrific installations especially by Dr Teardrop aka Maurice Mikkers, he is the one who managed to magnify a teardrop which ends up looking like a snowflake, absolutely beautiful. Read up on him and his work.

    Overall a great time, even the weather was a Blessing. Zahed Sultan did a terrific job once again.

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