The Human Capital Forum

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Nuqat have decided not to hold their annual creative conference this year, instead, they’re holding another event titled “The Human Capital Forum”.

This forum will comprise of talks and panels from speakers in different fields, with a common vision to highlight the importance of investing in creativity for social impact.

The event is being held at JACC and I saw renderings of the setup and I think their outdoor area is gonna look super cool surrounded by the JACC main buildings. The event is free to attend but you need to register. There are over 25 speakers so you’re bound to find a person or subject you’d be interested in hearing.

For more information on the event, click [Here]

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  1. Ahmad says:

    Great idea for a forum and some interesting speakers there, but was expecting to see at least a few economist speakers given the forum’s name is ‘human capital’

  2. 3azeez says:

    Human Capital Forum? In Kuwait?! LoL… actually… Lo0o0o0oL

    That’s funny.

    I’m sure it will be considered an accomplishment just to hold the event, get dressed up to attend, and have some guest speakers flown in.

    What a joke.

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