Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend


Stay off the Gulf Road.

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Don’t you think your blog’s english and vocabulary is too hard to understand for Bollywood viewers?

I’ve read plenty of reviews, but your’s are way above my tiny head.

Mark passed by today while I having lunch. First time I’ve seen him in person. I had a mini fan girl moment because I had just read this post just before going out for lunch. (Hi Mark!- to make up for not interrupting and saying hi today)

So, what CAN we do this weekend? Seems I made a poor choice to stay here since the break isn’t all that long. What is the scene here? Can I go walking by the seaside or will it be a horrible experience? I just don’t know what all this is about? I might go crazy if I have to literally hole up all weekend…

What rubbish! its a great carnival atmosphere out there on the gulf road.. cynics will just find anything to run down Kuwait on..

if i wanted a “great carnival atmosphere” i’d go to a fucking carnival. don’t care much for it when i’m driving down a public road.

Don’t you think that it’s better that we shipped all these characters who are ‘ celebrating’ to the middle of the desert between Sulaibiya and Jahra. They’d be ‘celebrating’ but also watering the desert thus doing some good once a year while the rest of the country can move around on their holiday seeing sights and having fun with family. The other option would be for these celebrants to head to paintball and let out all their energies. Again without bothering the mass population who just want to get about with their life or drive around on the one day they get as a holiday.

If they follow your recommendation they would not see the Kuwait towers in the least and anyway they ended up blocking all the ring roads and interconnects. Shameful, uncultured and pure hooliganism

Oh so this is the only one day in the year you get to sight see and have ‘fun’ with the family?
With thoughts like yours, no wonder you sound so unhappy in life!

I agree with @James. It IS, “Shameful, uncultured and pure hooliganism”. I had gone to Amiri hospital and on the way back (with an ill toddler in the car) was attacked by these kids, who are like a pack of wolves. My poor baby was screaming in fear. This is NOT the way to celebrate. Wet your friends with water, colour whatever. As @Marc says, shoot YOUR family and friends. When we DO NOT have a say in the matter, it IS hooliganism.

Guess @Jay is one of the ruffians so is defending this nonsense.

So what if they were shooting water at ppl? that’s how they celebrate..
so according to you 1000’s of ppl who do that are stupid…
What are your thoughts on Tomatina festival then?? or Holi??

I personally stayed away from Gulf road.. but to rubbish the kids and other’s who enjoy the national holiday is stupid.


Again, Tomatina, Holi etc. you celebrate amongst those who WANT to celebrate. Even in those places it is FROWNED upon when you ATTACK the public with water, colours, tomatos etc. As i stated above, I COULD NOT stay away from the Gulf Road as I had gone to the Amiri hospital with my toddler. It’s people like you who are a problem in this world… selfish, mean, and stupid.

Actually Gulf Road is now an official designated get splashed with water and get stuck in traffic for hours zone.

If you wanted to go to the Amiri you could have by bypassing the Gulf Road. You take the 30th down to Dasman roundabout and then come in to the Amiri from the back.

Yes, true that. I wasn’t too sure about the roads and somebody told me to just drive on the Gulf Road and I would find Amiri easily. *Shudder. Have now found Road 30 and the Dasman roundabout for next time.

@Mark: (Actually Gulf Road is now an official designated get splashed with water and get stuck in traffic for hours zone.)

official designated. Where does it state that?
In a Kuwaiti publication?
In Kuwait’s official Gazette – Kuwait Al Youm ?

W H E R E ????

Don’t pretend you don’t know what takes place on the gulf road during national day. If you’re new to kuwait I’m sure your friends filled u in. If you read my blog I even posted to stay off the gulf road.

You can carry on with your rants with those who care to hear you. I’m surely going to enjoy with the kids next year as well !

Go ahead and enjoy next year and every year but, if your kids or any kids shoot me with water, they will get a SLAP from me and if you or any parent interferes, you/they too will get it from me.


No Mark I’m not a retard. If a parent cannot control their children, one has to take action to correct that child.

But of course, I wouldn’t slap the child (not mine to slap!!!), however; I would shout and threaten them, maybe even shoot them back with even more water.

And shout at the parent as well.

Wasting a resource like water which half the world has no access to, causing public nuisance, blocking traffic especially when there are elderly people and children in these cars and stuck without food /water and above all celebrating an event they did not fight to win, in such an irresponsible fashion. I’m not saying don’t celebrate- have floats, events, etc. Hooliganism is uncalled for. Atleast they got rid of the foam!

So you have a part to play in everything you ‘celebrate’? Your arguments defy all logic.. you have made this out to be such a matter of life and death!! (elderly people stuck in cars without food and water!) Gosh someone help!!

Actually, people on the street in front of our home were stuck in traffic for hours; some old people and some young adults. You could see the frustration in their eyes. It’s not fun being in bumper-to-bumper traffic when you’re trying to get to your home or a dinner outing with your friends.

I’m not against celebrating. I am, however, against being a nuisance, disturbing the peace (do we really need to hear your loud music and horns till 1 AM?), creating senseless amounts of traffic, wasting water, and leaving ridiculous amounts of trash on the streets in residential and commercial areas for the street sweepers to clean up the next day. Why is this okay? Because we want to celebrate liberation/patriotism?

If it’s something that people REALLY want to participate in, I suggest a designated area in which these kinds of festivities can take place all weekend, so people can have their fun without bothering those who don’t celebrate in that way.

i got hit with a water balloon that shattered my glass and left me bruised on the 40. Thanks stupid fucking kids who think its fun to throw water balloons on speeding cars on highways and then run away and not even acknowledging their mistake or waited around to apologise.

How exactly am I spreading negativity?

And you can tell that I am frustrated and sad? Wow, you must be a PSYCHIC !!!

The garbage left everywhere is absolutely horrific.
This national “celebration” needs to go – and the amount of people asking “what can we actually do this weekend” shows that there is NOTHING going on that actually celebrates the country.

Kuwait has nothing on Amsterdam after queens day (or kings day now). I was literally walking knee deep in trash. But their clean up crew is on point, by morning there was no trace of the previous day.

See that, is worth participating in. Probably because pints are flowing as well.
BUT I was surprised and happy to see a large group of Kuwaiti teens cleaning up on gulf road. The water balloons are what really worries me because of birds and cats.

True but that is illegal behaviour and not encouraged, so it’s a different story.
I think there needs to be a better plan. That’s all. Waterfights are not inherently evil! Look at the huge one in Thailand or La Tomatina – but Kuwait’s just seems like a free for all and is super dangerous. How many deaths were there this weekend from car accidents?

Years back (much before 1990), Kuwait had parades proudly celebrating Feb 25.

After 1991 came the CRAP FOAM SPRAY, (which is banned now) – WHY?

Once FOAM got banned, the trend now is shooting everyone with water. How is that celebrating Independence? HOW ???

Finally, if a Minister or PM or Amir’s motorcade passes by, will they shoot these vehicles also ???

Kuwait still has parades proudly celebrating National and Liberation Day. The parade is in the beginning of February, Hala February is a month-long festival.

Just to be clear, the last sentence of my previous comment should be re-read (to clear any misunderstanding) as:

Finally, if a Minister or PM or Amir’s motorcade passes by, will they shoot these vehicles WITH WATER also ???

Bordering on ridiculous – HOW?

By just asking a question if they will shoot everyone with water?
Why can’t you or anyone answer this?

And YES, we all need a looooong holiday away from countries that bans everything. That is why you see long queues at Kuwait Intl. Airport during holidays, cause everyone wants to get out for a little enjoyment.

Im wondering the same. Would they pelt the Amir’s car with water and gherao the car and harass him? I had a TERRIBLE experience when I left Amiri Hospital with my toddler. I was desperate to reach Road 30. Took forever, my baby was scared stiff and these kids (not kids, bullies) were all over our car.

Statistics will have the final say the final word on this…

It proves the “celebration” WAS hooliganism for some people.

Last year during the national holiday, my 3 year old daughter was really sick and I needed to take her to hospital but none of the taxis were ready to go because of the “crazy people”(their words,not mine). I was really tensed and finally got someone for a lot of money. It was one of the million times I wish I had a driving license which the Kuwaiti laws bars me from doing so.

as long as you stayed of the gulf road there was no traffic. i was driving all around kuwait over the holidays and didn’t encounter any traffic. even avenues on a friday was emptier than a regular friday.

WHY should the general public stay away from the gulf road? Just because they want to shoot the hell with everyone passing by with water?

Yes, if there was a parade and the roads were blocked, that is a valid reason to stay away; not because of kids wanting to celebrate in an uncultured way !!!

Exactly what I am trying to say but everybody comes up with vague fundas. Thanks @Marc. Took the words out of my mouth.

Having a different opinion doesn’t make you annoying. But he’s just trolling now by pretending you don’t know that the gulf road on national day is where the celebrations take place.

My annoying comment was to Marc Gonzalves not you. But in your case knowing that the gulf road would be jam packed with people celebrating you should have looked for alternative route.

One part says:
I wish that people would stop spraying water on each other as well as throwing water balloons during the national celebrations thus wasting and lavishly playing with Allah’s bounty

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