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The event section on the blog has gotten a makeover. I’m trying to make it much easier to find out about events and the section is still a work in progress. I’m planning to add the ability to find events by category as well as adding a full month view.

There are a lot of events taking place all the time so I’m posting all of the ones I find in the events section and only posting the ones I think are interesting here on the main blog page. So let me know your feedback, check it out [Here]

Note: I took the photo above at the Fired but Unexploded exhibit

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  1. Um Hassib says:

    Great job, well done

  2. OMS says:

    Fired but***

  3. me says:

    In the view as, the icon for the list option is a calendar. You would expect to see an actual calendar when you click it. I think it would be great if there was an actual calendar (like when you want to book an air ticket)

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