Quick Shawerma

Post by Mark


For this weeks fail of the week I spotted this new shawerma place opening up in Salmiya called Quick. They’ve basically copied the name and logo of the popular Belgian fast food franchise “Quick” (pictured below) which for those of you who’ve been to Paris will easily recognize.


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  1. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Went to Paris last month and Quick isn’t too bad.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Only in Kuwait can you have (with actual script and logos):

    Ferrari Laundry (Lamborghini as well)
    Chopard Salon
    Burberry Baqala
    Whatsapp Cafe (Facebook too I think)

    Nobody gives a flying duck about copyright around here.


  3. Ibn Al-Jazeera says:

    Juventus laundry in Fahaheel is top notch.

  4. del says:

    Chelsea salon in Abu Halifa is great too

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