A&F at the Avenues

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Looks like Abercrombie & Fitch will finally be opening up at the Avenues based on the photo above taken by @danderma.

The picture also gave me an idea, I should print the In-N-Out logo on an A4 sheet of paper and go stick it randomly outside an under construction shop at the Avenues. That would stir up some fun.

via Frankom

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  1. Oren says:

    You realize that if you stick up the “In N Out Burger” sign & people discover that it’s just a prank, a massive mob carrying pitchforks & torches will be coming after you.

  2. vampire says:

    i’ll do five guys

  3. Frankom says:

    It is confirmed “Alfutaim group” bringing the brand to Kuwait very soon! :)

  4. mm says:

    A & F is soooo out, even the cheap fakes are out, a bit to late to bring it

  5. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Well the expats sure aren’t going to jump all over this one. For the Americans that still shop there, they will continue to visit the outlets stores in the mall for A&F or have their relatives buy and ship the stuff here. I was a big A&F and Hollister fan up until a couple of years ago. It may still have it’s cult type following with rich foreigners and the yuppies and tweenies back in the States, that’s about it. You don’t see regular peeps fighting and clawing their way to the store when there are sales like back in the day.

  6. yousefq8 says:

    Oh my goodness. More In-N-Out circlejerking. I can’t believe so many people hype that place up. When I finally tried it when I was in California it was the most disappointing burger I’ve ever eaten. It isn’t bad by any means, but the hype just made it out to be God’s gift to burgers. Its like better than a McDonald’s burger by about 5%. Literally any gastropub or bar will have a much better, home made, hand ground burger. Probably one of the best burgers I ever had was at this nice little restaurant in New Hampshire that sold local farm grass fed beef burgers. It was cooked so perfectly and the flavor was heavenly.

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