Bloomingdale’s Kuwait to Bring Menswear

Post by Mark

According to a contact of mine at Bloomingdale’s, the Kuwait branch might eventually start carrying menswear at their store in 360 Mall. Currently, they only sell womenswear but starting soon they’re going to start selling some men’s accessories as well. Next month they’re also going to bring their exclusive collection by Les Benajmins to Kuwait.

I personally think they should bring menswear and I never understood why they didn’t have it initially at launch. Right now I seem to be spending all my money at Allsaints which I don’t mind, but I’m also starting to look like an Allsaints billboard. So having more options works for me.

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  1. mud says:

    You mispelt Bloomingdale without a “d” in the title and the post.

  2. J says:

    LOL @ the comments

  3. MKE says:

    Great news! Hubby and i were discussing that the other day. It would be great if they would also carry formal wear in addition to high quality casual wear. We have limited choices when it comes to menswear here in Kuwait. Its either the high luxury brands or the commercial brands, and the ones in between are somewhat boring. There are so many young brands out there that they could bring. I like HN but most of their menswear collecting is too bold and flashy for everyday wear.

  4. Ahmad Khallaf says:

    Seriously dude, you need this:

  5. Ak says:

    So,are all saints on sale??!!

  6. Le Torrah says:

    If Bloomingdale’s can think of introducing a men’s line here why can’t Harvey Nics? It’s sad the paucity of mens wear at the Harvey Nichols store in Kuwait.

  7. Sauce says:

    they need to bring their furniture department

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