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Saw the tshirts above in my instagram feed and loved them. They’re designed by the doghouse collective and will be available for sale tomorrow evening at Q Cafe in Kuwait City.

via @kookeejeejoh

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  1. Faisal says:

    Smells like controversy

  2. Ash says:

    The hispter is strong with this one.

    • Ali says:

      Honestly, he has an artistic eye so I am glad he’s embraced it. We need more hipsters if these are the concepts they’re putting forward.

  3. Khalid says:

    These are amazing!

  4. chin chow says:


  5. horma says:

    (all the expats in jail for no goddam reason)

    • aaa says:

      Got any links? I don’t know of expats that are in jail for no reason and I’m sure the embassy would raise issues if it really was detention without reason.

      • horma says:

        you haven’t been to the Indian embassy have you? it’s a wasteland of unfeeling!

        links – not so much. But we all know the number of times false claims of ‘stealing’ happen with runaway maids escaping abuse. Or ‘suicide’ charges with ppl jumping out of windows just trying to escape their employers. Or hey did you hear the one about the two babies that were born in jail? one wasn’t even illegitimate – not that that should matter.

        there should be a new Tshirt line –


        (local employers who are above the law)

        • horma says:

          here’s a shot

          a person I know who worked for Colour me Mine, had his passport confiscated by the owner who then didn’t allow him to change jobs for years.

          Classy arts loving lady!

  6. inkawbs says:

    Free religion, speech, thought, and love? Yea right.

  7. the real says:

    Kuwait will never be free until we open the country.

  8. Ali A says:

    As if any country in the world is free..

    • horma says:

      ummm – ok, that is neither here nor there. An argument with absolutely no content.

      But just so you know, yes there are countries that are free. Unless of course by free you mean free to commit murder, rape etc etc.

      because by the way, depending on who you are, that’s totally cool here but not elsewhere.

  9. Khaldoon says:

    Taken from the “FREE KUWAIT” slogan during the invasion , but cool anyways

  10. Saud N. says:

    wish they were available to order online. Would love to sport one to work someday ….

  11. Abood says:

    Is there anywhere or any other time to get the tshirts or a number to contact the company behind them?

  12. BQL says:

    Turned up, bought all 4, fucked off to drink beer!

    Abood, maybe on this website

    or this email

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