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hypercolor t-shirt

Yesterday I was talking to a fellow employe when we started talking about t-shirts. Then somehow out of the blue I remembered Hypercolor t-shirts. The guy hadn’t heard of it since he is young (20) and I am old (26). So I started telling him about the T-Shirts and how in theory they were supposed to change color when you touched them or with the weather but in reality you had to pull the shirt up to your mouth and breathe on it really hard to inspire any kind of color change. When you wore it in school all your friends with spend the whole day either touching you or blowing hot air on your t-shirt so it changes color. This was something really cool in the early 90’s (the t-shirt not the touching) and this was supposed to be the future.

The cool thing is you can still find Hypercolor t-shirts for sale on ebay! Anyway I also created a new category on this blog called “80’s & 90’s” where I will be adding some nostalgia stuff like these t-shirts.

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I just acquired the last 375 Hypercolor T-Shirts printed by Generra in 1992. They came from a supply owned by the last president of the operating Generra (it is now all licensed apparel). They are still as cool as they were when they first came out.

I still have my Generra Hypercolor T-shirt and actually I’m wearing as I’m typing this… mine is the purple turns to pink shirt… I never put my in the dryer after washing it so the dual colors still work after almost 20 years!!!

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