A New Multibrand Megastore

Post by Mark


Yesterday while on the Eureka Facebook page I noticed they posted about a new store opening called eFashion. My guess it belongs to them but what caught my attention was the graphic above showing the various brands they are planning on carrying.

A lot of the brands are already available in Kuwait but then you have ones like A&F, Hollister and Under Armor that aren’t. Also the combination of luxury brands like Burberry and Givenchy being sold along with brands like Old Navy and Columbia is a bit odd.

The store is opening in around a months time across from Sultan Center Hawalli and once it does things will be a lot clearer. Most likely it’s probably going to be similar to Sears selling really old stock for cheap prices.

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  1. Bu3amraz says:

    wow at last !! Palladium Boots ! the most comfortable boots ever !

  2. the culture vulture says:

    Yay! to A & F and Hollister’s. Wished they also carried Skechers- swear I could go to bed wearing them!

  3. Skyline says:

    Isn’t Skechers available in avenues, next to Tim Horton’s coffee ?

  4. DesertFoxQ8 says:

    Wow! Finally someone will now sell authentic Levi’s? I hope they bring back Dr. Martens too.

    • mac says:

      You can find an authorized dealer for Levi’s in albustan mall in salmiya . Basement floor shop name is brands outlet

  5. Ahmed says:

    I have a feeling most of those products will be fake :(

  6. Well this is actually something I do not get.

    After recently going to the UK and walking in some of the malls, I found that their stores were mainly selling branded items which were available individually.

    It is like Selfridges was selling Lacoste, Harrods selling Lacoste and across the street there was an actual Lacoste. Even a store named Bank was selling Lacoste.

    I guess we will be seeing this happen in Kuwait as well.

  7. salem says:

    from what ive heard this is going to be a multi brand discounted outlet. most of the stores are already opened and AF is under construction in avenues already.

  8. 109 F revisited says:

    Feels like it is 109F all over again.

  9. vampire says:

    i (heart) Hurley

  10. mindless? says:

    is there anyone know’s where i could buy dr. martenes boots here in kuwait?..tnx

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