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Since summer is coming and a lot of people will be trying to lose weight for beach season, I figured it would be the perfect time to post about this subject. I recently started a Ketogenic diet and wanted to measure my body fat so I could compare it again a few months down the line and the most accurate way to get your body fat measured is with a Bod Pod.

A couple of years back I posted briefly about the Bod Pod when I passed by the then recently opened SPARK Athletic Center. The Bod Pod is much more accurate than biolectric anaylysis (the paddles you hold while standing on a scale) and much more accurate than skinfold calipers which a lot of people seem to think is very accurate. Recently I was made aware by a reader of a small nutrition center in Shaab that also has a Bod Pod and the best part is, it’s available for both men and women.

The picture on top is of the Bod Pod, you basically sit in it for a few seconds while the machine uses air pressure to calculate everything. Some of the information the Bod Pod will be able to provide you with is your body fat percentage, your fat mass, your lung capacity and your resting metabolic rate.

The whole process takes a few minutes and you could be in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. The cost of getting your measurements taken is KD20. If you’re interested the place is called Your Choice and they’re located next to where Edo used to in Shaab (Same building as Ryoog). You need to call for an appointment on 22621117 and here is the location on [Google Maps]

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  1. Mathai says:

    Hey I was thinking about that too. Recently heard this podcast with Mark Sisson and he was explaining the primal diet to Joe Rogan. I started it on Saturday but my lunch still has some carbs in it. I plan to cut it out completely by next week.

    I think my body fat is around 25% percent so there’s a lot for my body to feed off of if I an get into a ketogenic state :)

    • Mark says:

      Yeah that’s the same podcast that got me thinking of keto. So got marks book and started the diet 2 weeks ago. My body fast weirdly is 24% now which seems toooo high. But we’ll see how things are in a couple of months.

      • Mathai says:

        That’s very weird indeed. I’m borderline obese due to the belly fat I have but I’m surprised you’re at 24%. You look like 15%.

        All the best with the diet!

        • Mark says:

          Yeah I’m starting to think something is off cuz knowing my body i’m somewhere around 18% fat now. I already dropped from 81 to 78 since the beginning of the year in prep for summer so don’t want to know what percentage I was before that. But if the Bod pod says I’m 24% which puts me the excess fat category which is right before obesity, then I guess I’m fat.

      • KillWhatYouEat says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the ketogenic diet, but people should be aware that Sisson owes his physique more to TRT rather than the diet itself.

  2. MJ says:

    Tried several diets.. Felt like shit and hungry all the time and the weight loss was minimal. Found out about keto from the Hodge Twins, tried it and lost around 30 kgs in less than a year and never felt better!
    It’s the only diet that makes sense to me.
    Try Keto Chow, Google it, it’ll make it easy for you to stay in keto.

  3. Umair Shaikh says:

    Thanks Mark for recommendation.

  4. Dun says:

    It happened. NETFLIX is now dead to DNS. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Monono says:

    If you want to lose ten pounds, just go to the UK and throw away a ten-quid note.

    Keep it simple:

    Eat food
    Not too much
    Mostly Vegetables

  6. Liz says:

    Thanks for this! The calipers are so old school, I can’t believe the amount of “diet centers” still using them.

    Calories IN vs Calories OUT.. that is going to determine if you gain or lose weight. It doesn’t matter if its 1600 calories of organic, vegan or Paleo or if it’s 1600cal of Mac/Cheese and Bacon.

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