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Last month I posted about an image that was going viral of a butt naked man posing with the Kuwait City landscape in the background. I thought it was funny, a lot thought it was offensive and many were curious to how he didn’t get caught. So for this week I decided to interview @myassthetics and try and get some answers. Since he’s not in Kuwait I ended up doing the interview by email, here is it:

How long were you in kuwait for?
I was in Kuwait for about 4 days visiting a friend.

What did you think of the country?
I thought the country was really cool! What stood out most to me was the restaurant scene in Kuwait, there were some really trendy spots with really delicious food and drinks. My favorite was probably this spot called Almakan, but I also went out to farm a bit outside the city and had a really nice farm to table meal. We also saw some very cool art while we were there and I was surprised to see how prevalent the kind of underground street culture was there. Lastly the people were incredibly nice and hospitable in Kuwait, very interesting to talk to and all in all a very intellectual and worldly group of people (at least the ones I interacted with).

Where did you stay?
I stayed with a friend I had met outside of Kuwait and his family.

You’ve got a project in which you go around the world taking photos of your backside naked in front of different monuments, whats that all about?
Ya it all started kind of by accident. I was in South Africa and had just been swimming in a lake with some friends, and as we were changing back my friend took a picture on the dock because “the contrast of my pale ass and the red sunset was too funny”. The picture turned out to be a great one and people thought it was hilarious so it kind of stuck with me. The next picture was about a year later in Iceland, and I had to take my pants off to wade through some water to a waterfall, which reminded me of the other picture so i stripped down and took another one. This one got an even better response from everyone I showed it to. The third one came about a year after that on a little island in the British Virgin Islands that was just sand and 1 single palm tree. After that picture it became a thing and now I actually look for places to take them. In the last year and a half I’ve taken well over a hundred of them.

That was the origin of it but now I think of it kind of like a project or even a social test, and I’ve gotten some really interesting responses out of it. Some people think it is brilliant, others think I am an idiot, some think its really artistic and some even think its a weird sexual fantasy of mine (I can assure you that it is not haha). I just think that its fascinating how you take a picture of a beautiful landscape with a person in it and everyone focuses entirely on the landscape as if the person isn’t there, but as soon as that person is naked they become the sole focus of the image no matter how small or inconsequential they are to the picture. My favorite pictures of mine are the ones where you barely even see me because you really see how people’s perception of the picture changes when they realize there is a naked person in it. Call it whatever you want, I just enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to push the boundaries and keep people’s interest along a theme that could be quick to lose its appeal.

What made you choose Kuwait?
Kuwait was particularly appealing because it adds a whole new daring aspect to the picture. In most places if people saw you they would laugh or even if you got caught it would just be a stern warning or maybe a fine. In Kuwait the stakes are raised so again you have this picture of the skyline which people would have no interest in if I were clothed, and now because my ass is in it it’s practically gone viral.

Did anyone see you while taking the photos?
Aside from the person who took them, no. I want people to enjoy the pictures if they seek them out or are shown them, but I understand that this may be offensive to some people and I respect that. I would never want a kid to come walking around the corner and see me naked and be scarred. Obviously you can never be 100% sure but I scouted out the spot a bit first to make sure nobody would come by and I’ve gotten very quick at getting undressed and dressed again haha.

What time of day was it?
It was right in the middle of the afternoon, probably 1 or 2 PM. Definitely not the easiest time to pull it off but maybe we got lucky by hiding in plain sight.

Were you scared you would get caught?
I guess I was a little nervous because I know they take it a lot more serious in Kuwait than other places (that’s probably an understatement), but I tried to make sure I could get away with it and had a little bit of safety in being a foreigner. I’m actually somewhat shocked that I haven’t gotten caught yet but Kuwait certainly would not be the best place to start!

Were you aware of the law in Kuwait regarding public indecency?
No honestly I still have no idea what it is. I’m glad I didn’t have to find out the hard way.

Planning on visiting any neighboring countries soon? Saudi maybe?
So I actually have a picture in Saudi (well 2 but the other was in the hotel pool so it doesn’t really count), wearing only a shemagh and you can see the Kingdom Tower in it. I’ve showed it to some of my Saudi friends and they think it is hilarious but believe it or not I don’t think I quite have the guts to post it publicly at the moment. I honestly didn’t expect the Kuwait pictures to get as much of a response as they did and I’d be a bit nervous about what that could mean in Saudi.


@myassthetics doesn’t have any nudity if you’re interested in checking it since all the nudity has been blurred. I don’t have an interview lined up for next week yet so if you have anyone in mind let me know.

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  1. A says:

    Wrong username + link doesn’t work. It’s @myassthetics

  2. lfcq8 says:

    where is he from?

  3. Xtina says:

    seems like a fun guy to be around! thank goodness he’s blurring his ass tho, it doesn’t look cute at all! dude should do squats to beauty his back cheeks :)

    • Just says:

      The blur does not seem to be working since you detailed his ass so eloquently.

      • Xtina says:

        He’s blurring all his ass in MOST of his pictures. But hey, thanks for “correcting” me.. How could you possibly carry on your day without doing so ?

  4. Jen says:

    This has become like the dailymail lol! back in the UK they give attention to trashy people, here in Kuwait too? I didn’t think so.

    I am a feminist and I find this highly offensive and degrades women, why are men allowed to show their backside and get away with it? If I did this i’d be bashed and named!
    If a man does it he is praised and its funny?

    You have changed Mark!

    Jen proud feminist

    • Mark says:

      ??? How is a guy taking pictures of himself butt naked around the world offensive and degrading to women??

      This has nothing to do with the fact he was a man, if anything if he was a woman this would be even more interesting at least to me.

    • M965 says:

      “I am a feminist and I find this highly offensive and degrades women,”

      i died right there.

    • MyAssthetics says:

      Hey Jen, while my Kuwait pictures are just me I have posted pictures with my female friends, as well as guest submissions. If you want to be a guest on my instagram feel free to direct message me a pic there or we can take one live when I’m in the UK this summer (do it on IG as this isn’t a real email). And by the way instagram has already deleted my account multiple times so they definitely don’t just allow it.

      Your assumption that I’m trashy is harder to combat virtually.

  5. Glider says:

    What happened to the interviews/blogs with the British Ambassador in Kuwait

  6. mungeeman says:

    yeah so i can appreciate the humor in this and in doing this in public spaces. however recently there have been incidents of ppl doing similar things in places like angkor wat and other places of religious significance to local people (the equivalent of folks taking nude pictures in mosques) … that’s just disrespect at that point and pisses me off. Keep it out of the houses of worship and you won’t be seen as an stupid westerner just confirming what ppl already think.

  7. yousefq8 says:

    This is such a breath of fresh air. Kuwait needs nudity freedom. It’s time to open up and fully accept our bodies for what they are.

    Let’s start up a yearly event entitled Free Your Wiener! All men are invited to meet up at The Scientific Center and walk along the Gulf Road all the way down to Shuwaikh Beach fully nude. Helicoptering will be encouraged, and the first three wieners that reach Shuwaikh beach will be rewarded with a free pube perm at a local salon.

    Mark, I’d love it if you could pledge your support to this incredible project and give the opening speech at the first Free Your Wiener! event. We need to spread body acceptance and it’s a highly noble cause. I would do it myself, but unfortunately due to luck with genetics I would make every man extremely envious and no one would be able to participate because they will be focusing on me, or rather, my elephant trunk.

    What say you?

  8. Jenn says:

    As a proud feminist.

    men are no better than Women, I capitalized the W because I believe we should feel free to excrete ourselves freely. If you do not agree, you should be banned and are a racist and homophobe.

    The Master piece that is 50 shades of grey highly expresses women’s views and we should be allowed to excreete ourselves freely. I wear no Hijab and I have short hair and I’m fat and proud of my manly physique. Any other way I would be o pressed.

    Proud Feminist. Jenni.

  9. Vvvortic says:

    i should be challenjour but elohell bertha always play my ap lee song feed GG

  10. curiosity says:

    maybe you should interview Ascia and Ahmed, the hybrid married couple, you can ask them how they met and how their other nationality influenced them in fashion.

  11. curiosity says:

    oh that’s cool, i actually never checked their blog before but i will have a look sometime soon.

  12. Nicolas says:

    Mark! Do interview with Elon Musk! :) nobody ever did interview with him from Middle East. I know it won’t be easy to contact him but try :)

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