As most of you already know by now I’ve been enrolled with Core Fitness since January. When I first started I was going twice a week for 20 intense minutes each time. My diet was fairly close to what I used to have before joining Core but it was just a bit healthier. Then I moved up to 3 sessions a week and a stricter diet and after that I moved up to 4 sessions a week with even a more stricter diet. It’s been a gradual increase which I’ve realized now was a great thing since it helped me ease into this new lifestyle. I went from an unhealthy couch potato to being obsessed with fitness and health in under a year.

So anyway starting today I started taking their 1 hour sessions. They just introduced them for people who want to take things even further and I have to say it’s just crazy. I’ve already posted about how intense the 20 minute sessions are and anyone who’s actually tried a session will know what I am talking about, well their 1 hour session is literally their 20 minute sessions x3. Half way through I couldn’t believe I still had another 30 minutes to go! I had a Jujitsu class an hour later and when I got to that class I was already too exhausted to go through the warm up and stretching session. I’ve now actually gone ahead and scheduled my Jujitsu classes to days where I don’t have gym.

My weekly schedule now is:
Saturday – Monday – Wednesday = Core Fitness
Sunday – Tuesday = Sidekick Academy

I’ve got an activity scheduled everyday of the week except now for Thursday and Friday which are my days off. If you don’t do any activities then you should consider adding some since there are tons to choose from and the body really needs it. Finally for those of you who didn’t know, Fahad now has his own health and fitness blog up called Trying to be Fahad. You can check it out [Here]