3 Gifts Left

Post by Mark

Two days ago I posted about an offer that if you purchase a 4GB iPod Nano from zMacShop for KD88 and mention my blog you will get a free unpowered boom box for it in addition to the free sleeve. Well just to keep you updated there are only three more gifts left. So hurry up.

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  1. Sinan says:

    Hey Mr Blogger,
    I bought an ipod nano…..Now……

  2. I’d already made my mind to get my black 4GB nano from the ZMac guys, however, the boom box I didn’t know about. Thanks to you I got the first one, and the Apple sticker and the cover.
    By the way, those guys are real friendly and it sucks that most of the people have already bought the KD.115 2GB nanos at Virgin. That really sucks.

  3. Mark says:

    yeah tell me about it. when i saw the 2GB nanos at Virgin for 115 i was like super shocked. and whats even more shocking is they sold out!

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