Andy Warhol in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I’m assuming the picture was taken in 1977 when he visited Kuwait.

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  1. 248 am lover says:

    i have no idea who he is looool

  2. Danderma says:

    wow! He visited Kuwait?
    I wonder where was this picture taken!

  3. 3azeez says:

    Once upon a time…

  4. LadyS says:

    BAck when Kuwait was cool…decades ago

    Talk to people who lived here in the 70s and 80s and they are missing those times so much

  5. Buzz says:

    Andy having his 15 minutes of fame in Kuwait.

  6. Marron Glace says:

    When it was the real Kuwait …..

  7. Buzfairy says:

    OMG. WTH happened to Kuwait :(

  8. Security Adviser says:

    What happened?? We were unlucky enough to be kids when it was the 70’s to enjoy it yet have fond memories all the way up to the invasion.That.. the invasion made us grow up fast overnight. Didnt have the time to enjoy life at that time coz we were too busy getting our shit togather.When that was over it was lets rebuild every thing from scratch new and modern. Unforunately that meant it was out with the old which had value, taste and beauty and in with the bland,modern and lets build from the same mould. See Kuwait today all they do is find a place to tear down and build a mall. Been to Salmiya lately??? Perfect example. No one wants to have cultural revolution or have fun anymore they are to busy killing each other to be one up over each other or trying to make that extra buck to survive.

  9. Rachel says:

    Amazing. That is all.

  10. Ghazi and Fawziya Sultan brought him to Kuwait to (what is know today as) the Sultan Gallery which then owned and which I think was in Dahyat Abdalla Al-Salem back then.

  11. Kuwait says:

    50 years from now, kids will be like, “Holy $#@^%!! Kim Kardashian came to Kuwait in 2012.. Kuwait must’ve been so amazing then”


  12. Ali Sleeq says:

    Good times.

    Andy Warhol’s art would probably be banned if exhibited now.

    • Nasser says:

      Why would it be banned? They’re just prints of photographs of famous people, from celebrities to political figures. Nothing ban-worthy really? My mom has a rare original signed Chanel No.5 print by Warhol himself hanging in her dressing room. It’s cool. Again, his work is merely pop art, a flash of color to an otherwise boring photograph.

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