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Another New Apple Store

I met with Nibaq awhile ago for lunch. He had been walking around Muthana complex trying to kill time until it was time for me to have lunch. While walking around he found a new Apple store that was still being worked on. The place is called Solize and is not connected to any of the other local dealers. We spoke to the guy incharge who was busy displaying mac hardware and he seemed like a nice person ALTHOUGH when Nibaq asked him if he supplied RAM for the powerbooks the guy asked is it Apple? Like duh… Anyway the store had two cool things. First they had second hand macs for sale although not cheap. One was a Graphite G4 500mhz powermac for 300KD. The second was a Dual 800mhz Quicksilver powermac for around 430KD. He also told me he had a Dual 1GHZ mirrored door powermac inside, but I didn’t see it nor did I ask its price. Another good thing he had although once again not cheap was Sonnet Encore CPU upgrades for older powermacs. A G4 1.4ghz upgrade would set you back 190KD at solize compared to the 450$ on amazon. The store will be completed within a week. I personally think this store will NOT succeed due to the terrible location. Its in Muthana Complex, Mezzanine 1, right in the back behind Steps and near the Asus and As Seen on TV dealers. Impossible to find and even if it was located at the main entrance, I doubt the people who frequent Muthana are potential Apple users..

Here are some pictures I took

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Sounds like this mac shop has the best deals in kuwait for macs.
I dropped by the shop, it’s in the basement of Wala Complex in Hawali, I ask about the Nano ipod, the man at the shop (who was a very polite individual who was very friendly and helpful, and seemed to know what he was talking about when it comes to mac’s), he told me that he has new stock coming in very soon, in 5 days time, and that the 4GB, which was the top Nano ipod, was gonna be priced at around KD85, which by the way, is cheeper than Virgin at Marina which are selling their nanos 2GB (not 4GB) at KD112.
the telephone number of the Z MAC SHOP is 2617575.

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