Another stabbing

Post by Mark

This time it took place at a gas station. I don’t have any details on why the altercation took place or what happened to the victim. If I find out anything will update this post. [YouTube]

Note: Sorry for the bloody photos below but The Avenues cleaners weren’t available to mop up the mess.

Update: I added a second video below

Update2: Kuwait Times has “some” information on this attack. [Link]

Update3: The attackers were arrested. [Link]


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  1. Kurt says:

    It just keeps getting worse.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think so. It’s been like this for awhile it’s just social media is improving and growing so now you’re seeing pictures and videos instead of just hearing about it.

      I’ve posted on here and on my instagram a bunch of times on the fights that take place behind my building. More than one occasion cutters were involved in the fights and you’d be left with a bloody scene afterwards.

    • Khaldoon says:

      So bizarre!

  2. soni says:

    what ever be the reason, but when someone is getting somuch smashed , why are the other just standing and watching?
    why there is so much anger , frustrations, restlesness in the youth,
    with in a few seconds they loose their temper, beating , stabbing starts ! ! ! !they cant control them self and go the extent of killing somone?
    this a serious problem, and if not dealt with , will only grow worse,
    its like a wild horse which has lots of energy, but are not trained controlled and always a untammed uncontrolled energy brings destruction.
    in both incidents , of avenue, and the gas station, once the culprits are arrested, before giving them sentence, need to study those peoples nature, character, habbits, family background, why so much of anger in the youth?why so much troubled mind?they have all the basic needs of life, comforts are more than enough,luxury is in every bit of their life, they should be having a peacfull life, but this is rather just the opposite to it.
    I hope that person from the car is not dead. mark pls update

  3. Mustafa says:

    OMG that’s a whole lot of blood…law is getting out of hand…kuwait police needs to buck up quick…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why the heck the rest are just sitting there and watching??? WHAT THE HELL??

  5. The Real Burhan says:

    What actually happened here? I mean – yeah okay someone got stabbed, but what is the video supposed to show?

  6. Uatif says:

    Kuwait is becoming worst place day by day…

  7. hazmat says:

    The law abiding citizens in Kuwait need something bigger.

    An end to all this violent crimes.

    A Guardian of peace

    A Symbol of hope

    A Silent Protector

    We need the Batman!

  8. Hello says:

    Seems like stabbing is in fashion.

  9. ahmed says:

    Kuwait needs to deal with its demons.

  10. Rehab says:

    Is that a BB pin on picture ?
    For what !

  11. Abdul Hamad says:

    If you read crime section under Arab Times you will be disgust.
    Few days ago A filipino was raped and killed, same happened in India but girl is in ICU, whole nation stood up !

    In Kuwait people gather only for Celebs, New Brand or internet cap !

  12. Justin says:

    They are not scared of the law. They know they can easily get out of any crime. Such cold blooded acts should be stopped.

  13. Nasser says:

    I just have one question. Why?

  14. heeeeelllllllppppp says:

    Was wondering why so many people standing there are not trying to stop him but realised soon if this guy is so angry he could have stabbed anyone who came in between.
    so whats the best thing to do at this time apart from standing and shooting videos that can be later posed so ppl like us can comment??????

    • soni says:

      not for us to comment, but to create an evidence . in india few months back 10-12 guys started eve teasing a girl , the guy was no way in a position to help the girl until help arrived but he made video and made sure each guy’s face was taken in, and the video helped the police to get hold of all the 12 guys.

      • Haitham says:

        That’s a good point. It’s not realistic to expect an individual to intervene when there’s a knife involved. There’s not much an untrained person can do. It would take a group or someone with training.

  15. anony says:

    When i was in high school 9th grade, a class mate killed a guy right outside our school, infront of our eyes, he was busted less than 24 hours later, thats a good thing, but this incident took place exactly 6 years ago and all the time through high school, i would hear about stabbing as its normal, young guys take stabbing as normal part of a fight and the younger think its ok too, i am sure many people such as me wish to see things change, more rules applied, no difference between nationalities, a person who held a knife to stab, is a person who will kill, but may never actually know it

    • hazmat says:

      Where did you study ?

      • anony says:

        International Academy of Kuwait, its in midan hawalli

        • hazmat says:

          that’s absurd!
          It isn’t normal in any of the other schools in kwt

          • anony says:

            Well it wasn’t normal in my school too, but it just happened and it all happened fast, less than 2 minutes and this is the point i am trying to reach here, anger and knifes and guns, or whatever is used in fights these days, it may take less than a minute to do serious damage, because this is what these stuff were made for, the government should make more wake up calls, malls and public place should have metal detectors and yes metal detectors work, there should the life threatning hotline, where police can be there in less than 10 minutes, kuwait can do this i am sure, but the faster they do it, the better and easier it would be for them

  16. Mart says:

    Who are the people that produce these kind of scumbags !!

  17. blackswan says:

    Seems things are going from wrong to worse.
    With all my respect to the late stabbing victims, but I think Avenues and not only should contact this guys:
    and start selling their products or hand them free of charge at the malls entrances for the shoppers.
    Strange that Avenues management hasn`t said anything regarding the crime that took place on their premises or what they plan to do to try to prevent such incidents in future.

  18. nahin123 says:

    Carry a gun, easy. How the hell is an innocent man supposed to defend himself like this?
    We should make a law permitting to carry a firearm only to those who have had no criminal records in the past. It’s high time things like this came to a halt. Why should we wear a heavy stab proof vest and take the pain to carry it around with us. If someone has to suffer it’s those people not us.

    • gargoyle says:

      yes get more guns on the streets smart move. hope you see how stupid your comment is, the problem is with rage and control, arm them with guns and they will start shooting in malls and instead of 3-4 people stabbing/stabbed you will have 10’s of people shot in a mall war ? how stupid are you ? i mean wtf do u even have logic ?

    • anony says:

      Firearms should be illegal every where and harder punishments should be applied to people who create, i have been to the states and other places where it says firearms are legal, specially in cases of self defense, these places have an extreme high crime rate, kuwait is actually very sage compared to many places, its just that interior ministry need to tighten their grip, more wake up calls and more education about what to do in such situation and how important it is to manage your anger

      • yousefq8 says:

        ” specially in cases of self defense, these places have an extreme high crime rate”

        Do you have a source for this?

        “kuwait is actually very sage compared to many places, ”

        You’re just talking out of your ass now. Read the newspapers everyday man and just look at the recent stabbings going viral. Dosn’t seem like Kuwait is safer.

        “more wake up calls and more education about what to do in such situation and how important it is to manage your anger”

        I agree with you on this part. That with police actually enforcing the law would radically change things.

  19. Kuwait says:

    And the whole world is concentrating on ‘Gun Laws’ in the US…

  20. JC says:

    Well I feel every country has their issues. Whether its guns or knives. Cars or fists. Crazy people will do crazy things. Regardless of the weapon available. If a gun is not available, a knife will be. If not a knife, then a car. These are mentally unstable people in my opinion. Instead of focusing on more police or making weapons illegal, lets start focusing on people who need help.

  21. Faisal says:

    according to al qabas.. a crime is committed in kuwait every 2 hours.. were slowly turning into chicago

  22. nadox says:

    i think the sore medicine would be public execution , like 1 month in prison then public execution . OR you could give gun permit to mid age calm clean profile people that could like put the attackers at gun point or shoot them on unvital spots until police arrives.

    i know the second idea kind of stupid but maybe it could work
    ps : watched alot of action movies and series

    • gargoyle says:

      alot more maba7ith, or undercover cops, honestly kuwait isnt that big so 5000 more working undercover spread out allover the country will do alot.

      • Google says:

        It’s very little to do with gun control or knife control or any other kind of weapon control. The stabbing at the Avenues was by a blade purchased at a store there (according to an article online.) Are you going to ban the sale of kitchen knives?

        The solution is not to take away weapons per say. Anything can be used as a weapon.

        The solution is to severely punish/execute all of these people that are killing other people for no good reason. I’m sorry, but someone arguing with you or insulting you is not a good enough reason to kill them. If it were, how many people would chase down and kill most of the horrible drivers here? It’s the same principle right? You insult me, I have permission to kill you.

        Ask yourself this: If foreigners here started killing Kuwaitis every time they were talked down to, verbally abused, or physically assaulted, how many of them would get off free with wasta? Why do they not severely injure people that give them a hard time?

        Apply punishments liberally and equally to everyone, and the society can change. Unfortunately, to correct the mindset here, you will have to break the people, and that will take many people being made an example of.

  23. af says:

    these kind of idiots want to go to jail, where they will meet up with their buddies and probably start a business in jail. Free food, entertainment and he’s gonna meet his new boyfriend and do the no no all night long. Honestly life in jail (for the killer) is gonna be bliss, compared to living in a shack with 40 people who depend on him.

  24. Arrgh says:

    I have a solution.

    Everyone is trained to be citizen police man. They don’t have the rights to apply all laws onto others unless in extreme circumstances. They are trained with an understanding of the law, and are armed.

    This is a similar idea to Switzerland… But Switzerland it’s mabdatory training which is military and other European countries, such ad findland… all have full auto matic weapons.

    Obviously fully automatic weapons are not needed. But training citizens to be responsible and cultured with law should be a positive thing. The logic is if everyone is supposedly trained and armed then people become more respectful.

    It can have a negative situation. However, a lot of people have guns. So it’s not an issue if gun control rather than learning about it, and getting rights of a special trained citizen with respondibilities to be able to carry a handgun at all times.

  25. N/A says:

    Just around 4 years back, a small fight came along between a Pakistani guy and some arab guys in our school. At the end of the day the Pakistani guy was stabbed 5 times and he had to lost his eye. Guy moved to Melbourne for treatment but couldn’t save his eye.
    And that all happened right in front of me.

  26. bader says:

    This is the problem with the tribal system in this country. He could’ve have intentionaly killed someone, but because he has a waste or he comes from a powerful tribe, they consider it self defense, or the murderer has mental illness. That way, walking away from punishment and killing some more without fearing the law.

  27. G says:

    This is lack of tarbiya.

  28. fawaz says:

    we need executions,,, in this country

  29. PKG says:

    not surprised by this.. things have been gettin out of control for a few years now.. and no one (police) seems to give a sh*t..

  30. Fahad says:

    Owned pistols free make you safety to defended from people like this what you will doing if they’r 4 or 5 guys wanna attack you with knifes and other tools to hurt you or kill you,well you alone in dessert or empty street at after night,


  31. 3azeez says:

    I think a lot of people now consider carrying a weapon. This shows the how bad the security is in Kuwait nowadays, and it is a good indicator of how shit the situation is going to be in the future.

    When someone carries a weapon then he will end up using it no matter how good self control he believe he has.

  32. neoark25 says:

    Hey Mark, the stabber according to some sources knows the one gotten stabbed they are actually friends, and the dude STOLE his mother car and he got furious when he discover his bestfriend stole it, so he went berserk.

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