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Back from the clinic

I passed by the Salmiya clinic in the morning to get the H1N1 flu paper I got from the airport signed. It was my first time there and I have to say the place is disgusting. Can’t believe that’s actually a medical center, it looks more like a big kitchen or bathroom. I even found a big dead bug on a dirty and stained floor, gross!

Anyway went to the proper department where this woman with a really large book took down my name and travel information. She asked me if I was sick, I told her no so she told me to come back on Sunday and that was it.

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I went there to get the blood test paper for the license…and the nurse who was doing the test was yelling at people and watching series on TV..

well mark first al7amdellah 3ala alsalama and welcome back to Kuwait, i feel u 2 bout this clinic thing, but to be honest our gov is busy giving our money to Iraq and Palestine to build medical clinics their while we rat in this clinics and that’s that.

Lot of clinics and others were built in Lebanon too 😉

but that’s a different story .. Kuwaitis love us!

We entertain them in Summer 😛

maybe if Kuwait didnt donate that big about of millions to Lebanon to build a Musuem . that we would have cleaned our hostpitals

Kuwaiti: I agree, its actually a subject thats been discussed on this blog before. Instead of donating money to other countries the money should be put into improving the health and educational services here in Kuwait first.

that’s right mark and Kuwaiti, but see our problem as Kuwaitis we always thing bout others and hardly think bout our self and i think the history proof that, by the way i love Lebanon it’s like a second country most of my friends r from their.

A little off topic here, but I’ve been seeing a lot of stray dogs around the company I work for in Shuwaikh. They disappear and pop up from time to time.

Is there anyone I can contact when I see these dogs in order to help them? They look very sick.

اي والله هذي الكويت صل على النبي
و اب نفس الوقت
ادري انها دولة مو راضية تتطور
ماكو تنمية
بس اب نفس الوقت
بتظل اغلى دولة

There are bugs on a clinic floor and you people blame the govt for sending money for medical help in Iraq and Palestine ??!

It’s Noooooo surprise re-re-re- elections are around the corner; maybe this “issue” should be raised in the parliament ! Anyone up for sacking the health minister ? Oh wait, hasn’t that already been done !?

I’m not kuwaiti, and have no personal gain in defending the govt, but i watch first hand just how much money it makes available for public health facilities for FREE to the local man.

So to blame ‘official’ on finding bugs on floors is a little out-of-proportion.

Our main problem is that no health minister is left to do any work longer then 6 months! And anyone that starts chopping heads because of their mismanagement, they get grilled by these crappy candidates for firing member of the constituency or those who funded them. We have crappy people working the government who need to be fired, the good ones need to be commended and rewarded for their good work!

LOL we went to salwa- as it was one of the places mentioned on the back of the card. We were told the card was 10 years old and we had to go to Rumaithiya…..but it was closed until tomorrow. By then our 72 hours would have elapsed OH NO JAIL!!!!
So we headed off to Salmiya where a mad looking dwarf woman behind the desk took us to ‘the clinic’. There we had a reunion with several passengers from our flight who also had stumbled upon the meaning of ‘the yellow card’ purely by accident.
A toothless doctor asked ‘you have fever? vomitting? diarrhea? No? Ok come back in two days’

I’m soooo loving Kuwait’s WHO Pandemic plan…………


I went to the government clinic in Sabahan some time ago.When I saw this Egyptian “doctor” he swatted a fly right there in front of me.You could still see the streak of blood on the table.Fucking gross and unprofessional.Where do they get these people????

hehehe….u complain of salmyia clinic….wait tell u see :
1) Rashid hospital (allergy center) go 2 the wards there
2) sabah hospital – medical wards (6+8) dunno if they got renewed now but dont think so
3)KCC (check the old treatment rooms) they just just opened the new center and i dunno if they still use the old one or stopped

and aloot alooot alooot others….
check fawrwaniya hospita (main OT) ….
trust me salmiya clinic would be a 2020 facility
and yes shafiya was RIGHT…. patients go to private hospitals (where drs know nothing @ all + no facilities just u dont waitin line) and pay alooooot of money and when u tell them (medical insurance) they say …no we r kuwaiti we should not pay insurance…thats wrong!
and all that waste money on billion thing and not on medical facilities..!!

final year medical student (dr in 2 month enshalla 😀

What do you expect when the people working there are not even from the country? Heck if started treating these ex-pats better then maybe they’ll take care of things better. Or should we get rid of them and get Kuwaitis back into those jobs?

from the country or not from the country….. if they had good place 2 work and good facilities….. and strict laws….and GOOD SALARY they will work…..its not about being kuwaiti or not…..
and trust me,…

@ Mohammed

That’s what I meant. Most of these people are out of the country and if we don’t treat them well then they won’t treat us or the country any better.

It’s like assuming the Indains who clean our streets to be all happy diddly when they’re paid almost nothing and everyone treats them like shit,

We’re in France now. My husband asks if anyone is really following up on every arrival from every flight from every country that has had a case of swine flu that comes into Kuwait. Like, within days, it must be in the thousands. Is even one person managing this data?

Ok now, aren’t you supposed to have a medical check-up at the clinic a couple of days after you enter Kuwait??If this is how the follow-up on the swine flu is happening, well, there is not point to fill up the form and bother! The N1H1 form is supposed to be signed by a doctor after chech-up and stamped by an adminisrator in the clinic. This is a serious issue that can neither be neglected nor taken lightly! If there is someone here who works in the health ministry or government, can you please bring this up because this is no way to follow-up on a serious issue like this! They say ignorance is bliss, but in the case of the swine flu , clinic employees’ ignorance is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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