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Just got back from the dentist, I had to get some scaling done. The dentist tells me I need to pass by every 3 months but I keep telling him its such an awful experience that I need at least a year to forget about it before I could come back. He is a cool dentist and has a sense of humor which is why I keep going back to him. For anyone who’s interested I go to the Bayan Dental Center in Salmiya opposite Sultan Center. I forgot which blogger recommended I visit them, maybe it was Zaydoun. They are really great.

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  1. TwaiF says:

    there is a doctor there who run the famous arabic music website !

  2. Marzouq says:

    looooool! He ran! I reallllyyyy don’t like going to the dentist, I go in fine and leave in pain!! everytime!!!!

  3. Mark: one question i have to ask you… why did u vibrate your picture? what was your reason? :)

  4. KtheKuwaiti says:

    I think Dr. Essa Al-Essa used to run 6arab .. really cool guy.

  5. no1 says:

    is scaling tantheef asnan?

  6. Mark says:

    Armani, its an old picture taken from

    THe picture isn’t vibrating, their window is double pane so it has a double reflection. The picture above is a shot of their window reflecting me on the chair.

  7. Mark says:

    no1 scaling is gum cleaning.

  8. Zabo0o6a says:

    yuck yuck yuck , i really hate dentists after having to wear braces for about 3 full years and now i have to wear retainer all day long so0 i don’t blame u for hating it :P

  9. Armani_Exchange says:

    Sorry i didn’t know the proper word i guess “double reflection”

  10. Pearls says:

    you didn’t mention the doctor’s name?

    I really like the picture above.

  11. Mark says:

    my dentist is Dr Samer Salah Khaddour

  12. zaydoun says:

    Yes it was indeed me who recommended them. I now go to their office downtown in the Khrafi building over HSBC… and thanks for the reminder, I need to go this week!!

  13. zaydoun says:

    OK.. appointment made

    Mark, are you invited to this event?

  14. Mark says:

    nope didn’t know about it till you mentioned it

  15. Frankom says:

    :: Bayan in Layla Tower i was there back in 2006
    im planning to visit them very soon :)

  16. MasiQ8 says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve recently relocated to Kuwait, and looking for a good dentist. I’m wondering if you still feel the same about your dentist reco? I’m finding that quality/service in Q8 can be inconsistent so thought I’d check. Appreciate your help.

  17. HHH says:

    Guys, Bayan clinic is great, u can even sleep while fixing your teeth, Dr. samer is great and you can ask for Dr. Bassam Rahal as well, he’s also one of the best in Kuwait… Enjoyyyy…

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