Beggar makes KD 1,356 in two days in Salmiya

Post by Mark

A man was arrested in front of a bank in Salmiya recently where he faked disability to help him in begging. The man was apprehended by police who monitored his activity for days during which they discovered his apparent disability was fake. Investigations revealed that the man came to Kuwait from his home country Egypt on a visitor’s visa to practice begging. It was also revealed that he managed to collect KD 1,356 within only two days of begging. He remains in custody pending legal procedures. [Source]

1,356 in two days is actually pretty awesome.

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  1. 3azeez says:

    Thats nothing. People make better than that in residential areas at mosques.

    It is well known that begging is business in Kuwait.
    There are so many nationals travel to Kuwait specifically for begging. Usually they are arab nationalities. But we also see people from the gcc as well. I live in surra and weekly we have visitors from gcc who come to our mosque. they rotate over large mosques every friday. some drive from as far as oman just to come to the friday prayers.

  2. 3azeez says:

    all you have to do is stand in the middle of the road and say “salam alekom” and then retards will roll down the window and pay you.


  3. Ali Sleeq says:

    And here I am like an idiot working in a corporate office.

  4. Edgar says:

    I guess he really wants the Nikon D800..!!

  5. Nathan says:

    So where did he stay during his visit to Kuwait? The Hilton? The Marriott?

  6. Othman says:

    And people ask me why I don’t give anything to beggars…

  7. Me Like Salmiya says:

    The guy was supposedly on Visit….is there any institute running courses on begging for the residents? 678KD/ day is awesome shit….

  8. Pediatric dentistry says:

    He made more than what 5 doctors can make in 2 days

  9. Burhan says:

    there must be mistake ! the figure might be KD 1.356 and not KD 1,356 lol

  10. Joe says:

    Here’s a quick breakdown:

    18 hrs begging per day x 2 = 36 hrs = 2,160 minutes

    1 donation on average every 8 minutes = 270 donations

    each donation on average is 5 KD

  11. TweeZ says:

    that is why we have a government based institution called Bait el-Zakat where it is 100% legit and the money is sure to reach the needy.

    Giving to people in the street should illegal…wait a minute, it is already illegal!

  12. Acerboy says:

    Ramadan is the bonus time for such beggars !

  13. Shalth says:

    When any beggar comes close to me, I do one thing, Hold his hand tight, and Ask him show me your Civil ID/Residence papers…

    Then he begs me & And want to kiss my feet just to leave him, I tell him, if i catch you next time. I will put you in Jail…

    You will see only his dust :) and he will disappear..

  14. Omar says:

    beggars make a lot of money

  15. stan says:

    Guess it’s time to change profession then. Me and my shitty company.

  16. jhonybravo says:

    What is the law for Beggar in Kuwait????

  17. Nathan says:

    Long before when I was a kid, I remember a beggar who came to my house. It was a woman.

    She had a pager with her on her side, I shit you not. (This was back in the 90s when having a pager was all fly and crap)

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