Crime Scenes at Shaab Park

Post by Mark

crime scenes

A bunch of 16 year old girls put together a horror walking game in their school carnival last year and because it turned out to be a blast they decided to set up a larger version at Shaab Park so it could be experienced by more people. They’ve rented a hall at Shaab Park and the game which they’ve called “Crime Scenes” will be running for the first three days of Eid (13, 14 and 15th of October) from 6 to 10PM.

The game is the girls creation and they put everything together themselves, it’s also the first time a game like this has been set up in Kuwait. The downside to all this is that due to the fact that the young girls are running the horror game themselves, they are only allowing boys under 10 and women of any age to participate in their game.

For more information you can check out their ad [Here]
and a YouTube video [Here]

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  1. holla says:

    For women and kids only, christ kuwait is such a backwards country.

  2. Purgatory72 says:

    I doubt they check IDs, we can sneak in.

  3. Hey holla,
    i just wanted to point out one thing to you, that this game is created by a bunch of 16 years old girls so unfortunately due to that fact they wont be able to control the situation if elderly guys were allowed to enter, especially that some of the kuwaiti guys acts very stupidly towards the girls (bothering, flirting, etc ..).
    or else they’ed really love to show their talent for every one.

  4. Mohammed says:

    What sort of a country encourages 16 year old girls
    to put up enactments of violent deaths and then lets
    10 year old boys to watch it…

  5. hi Mohammed,
    well as one of the game’s rules, children are only allowed to enter when they are companied with an adult, and we do warn them before they enter so it’s their (adult)responsibility according to their decision.
    And we do also have emergency exits!

    P.S: i’ve been into so many foreign countries (as US, Swiss, France, and Jermany) and they all allowed children to enter -some- of their famous horror games but with an adult person.

  6. Biohazard says:

    OMFG, “Jermany”, “Swiss”. God.. LOL!

    Did you go to “Hindia” too?


    So, who’s willing to bet there will be an actual death in the game? By the way, work on the poster, it’s disgusting.

    Kudos on taking the inititive and all that shit though.

  7. Me says:

    Good JoB Girls ..
    Its Something Really Good that such a young Girls in our Country Do these thing’s , Keep It On ,,
    Biohazard , if u can do such a big thing as this just talk , i think u must P.S. Shut Ur Mouth ! cz ur not working with them !

    Great Job Girls !

  8. Nonaw says:

    AWESOME, thats such a great idea girls, omg im soo going to be there!


    PS: dont mind that mitterfikker “Biohazard”, he’s just jealous cuz he cant be there HAHA, stupid ass.

  9. Oops ! Sorry for the mistake ; P (jermany= Germany)
    thanks bio for pointing it out, btw the poster is meant to be simple because it’ll be posted on newspaper in black & white.

    Hi Me and Nonaw, thank you so much guys for your support! really your words are so encouraging to us ; *

    Enjoy the game !

    P.S: I’m really sorry for any misspelled word but that is due to the lack of sleep ! i haven’t slept since two days and I’ve been replying to and reading tons and tons of emails so I’m almost blinded and really exhausted.

  10. Damon Dash says:

    I’m sorry but i can’t decide if this is too funny or too sad… or both..

  11. Mohammed says:

    Well, just because the French, Germans and the Swiss
    allow small children to view violent enactments, it
    doesn’t mean they are right. I do not want to judge what
    you do, so I will not comment on the game itself. All I am
    questioning is the culture. I also find it interesting that
    men can’t go to the game as there are women around,
    but kids seeing violence – No Problem! Similar issue in the
    US too these days – Kids can watch 10 murders on Tv in
    the space of 5 minutes, and it’s ok. But one tit, and the
    media goes ballistic.

  12. Mek says:

    Damn it, I would loved to play. I understand the need to ban dudes > 16 but god I would have loved to solve a mystery with my friend. I like mystery-horror videogames and he loves Sherlock Holmes stories and the like; we would have had that murder wrapped in no time!

    Regardless, that’s abloody awesome and creative idea so good luck with that. =)

  13. Soul says:

    Cheers to those behind organizing the play.

    Its good to see such an event going to be held on a larger scale. The girls deserve a round of applause + encouragement to express their creative talents. The world (read kuwait) had seen less from women.

    Way to go ladies.. .


    ~ Soul

  14. hey Mek, we’d really love to have players like you guys especially that we put out a lot of effort to create the crimes stories in the game! Anyways thank you a lot for your comment we really appreciate it : D

  15. Hi Soul,
    i agree with you %100 about this –>>The world (read kuwait) had seen less from women.
    and THANK YOU sooo much for your kind words! Hope that every one think the way you do!
    so Thank you again to all of you guys, your words REALLY means A LOT to us !

  16. Me says:

    But I think Nobody Know’s cz there are no posters or in th new’s ?

  17. Hi again ME ; D

    well Yes there is an ad on the newspaper (al watan and al qabas) starting on the 12th of Oct.and on (al ray al aam) today’s newspaper ; )
    But the reason why there is no any ad on bill boards that is because it’s too costly.

    P.S: If you can please tell your fam and friends about it we will be grateful = D

  18. Oops .. Thsnks= Thanks.

  19. Hi every one .. 3eedkum imbarak & happy eid !
    Just wanted to inform y’all that because of the sudden change in eid days the game will be starting from today 12th of Oct. from 6 to 10 pm, and on the 2nd and 3rd day of eid from 4 to 10 pm..

    Thanks and Enjoy your time ; )

  20. Me says:

    How was ur first Day
    I couldn’t come 2daY

  21. 3no0ona says:

    hi ,,, please 5lo0 el l3ba tko0n mwjo0da 3la 6o0l

    w thaaaaaaaanx 3la ell3ba

    w nby lg6at mnha 3shan nsho0f etha 9j tstahl nro07 lha or l2

  22. roxas says:

    lets see what i hate about girls is…………….

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