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Dawood Treasury

Just found out about this site called the Dawood Treasury which contains vintage articles from old newspapers. They have a section for Kuwait (where I got the ad above from) and also sections for other neighboring countries. I think the site is still getting updated so it should be interesting once they add a lot more stuff. [Link]

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Yes and u can find more in the bookshop in Al Mubrkiya which should re-open soon inshallah 🙂
Dar Dawood- specialized in historical articles and first print books mostly about Kuwait and the gulf region 🙂

Hi R! I’ve been trying to find the bookshop in the al-Mubarakiya for over 4 years now (I’ve gotten hopelessly lost so many times trying to find it, and no-one knows where it is), with no luck – do you know where it is? I bought some books from them when they had a stall at AUK in early 2010 and LOVED it – the guy mentioned they would open in March that year but I’ve had no clues since then lol – if you have any news I’d love it!! 🙂 Thanks

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