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Deera is an iPhone app which allows you to report issues with public services. The way it works is very simple, you snap a photo of the problem, specify what the issue is along with the location and then submit it. According to a reader who emailed me about this last night, he tried it by reporting waste left on an empty plot next to his house and the next day he received a notification that the problem was fixed. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I’m going to later today.

If you want try this app you can download it from the Apple Store either by searching for Deera or by clicking [Here]

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Why no Android????

I want to report the building owners in Block 10 Salmiya…
who think the streets belong to them… they’ve stretched their building parking so far out to the street with concrete cement.. the roads in the area are seriously F****D UP!!!

There is nothing “personal” in choosing to develop an app for either iOS or Android. Each system needs effort and time. As someone who made some apps on the iPhone, I frequently get asked why not Samsung? The answer is because I have no time to do both. This answer is true whether the app is made by a one person, or by a big company. No one in their right mind would voluntarily forgo market share opportunities just because he is a “fanboy” of one system and hates the other.

I tried to develop for both. Android Development is easier to learn than iOS, however, once you learn iOS, the end result of the apps is by far more impressive than Android. You can still achieve the same polish on Android, but you will need to do many of the neat iOS effects yourself. I stuck with iOS development as a result, even though I am an Android phone user.

Now there’s a good idea!
That’s one reason to recharge the Internet credit on my phone 🙂
Thanks for sharing!
(Boy, will they be busy once I start with that,…)

What an excellent idea. I really hope this service keeps on going as this whole place does need a bit of a tidy up. “Cleaning up after yourself,” is a virtue sadly lost over here. It would be a step in the right direction.

can we do this for assholes that park on roundabouts – especially the ones near the the wataniya building?!

i wonder how the comment/complaint gets to the appropriate authorities?

does it automatically get sent to them or is someone doing this manually on the apps side?

Awesome App.

If they are not having an Android version, Thinking of getting an iPhone just on account of it !!!

Lot of Road Safety Issues in Salmiya that need to be reported

Hi all! Deera is a not-for-profit project and the only reason why they haven’t developed the Android version yet is because they don’t have enough funding, but hopefully they will in the near future. At the moment, deera files all the reports they receive in person with the relevant ministry – the idea is that once the App becomes popular the public authorities will see the benefits of using it and will at that point be able to receive all reports automatically. Mars, deera is a very small team and I know that they would really appreciate having new volunteers join them. You can get in touch with them through their facebook page:


Use PhoneGap to create a cross-platform application. It’ll save you the headache of programming for multiple systems.

Still haven’t tried the app, but making some noise the other day has helped.
One of our sewer canals is finally closed (it was a big one, going approx. 6 meters deep).
All the construction trash is still around, but never give up hop 😛

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