Doctor attacked at a hospital in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I first saw this video on q8blackmarket a few days ago but just got around to viewing it after seeing it on Frankoms blog. For those of you who don’t speak Arabic what happens in the video is that a woman goes to see a doctor at a local hospital, she enters the room but then leaves shortly after very upset. She heads to the security department and files a complaint (they never tell us what the complaint was) but it seems it wasn’t a big deal because security never left their desk. She got more upset and called a guy who comes to the hospital and attacks the doctor and then escapes. All of this is caught on security cameras and what is very troubling is the fact that security didn’t stop the attacker. Watch the video. [YouTube]

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  1. the first blog site is not working!!

  2. Mark says:

    fixed it, seems their new domain isnt working yet

  3. I think u added four “wwww” instead of “www” ;Pp
    that was the mistake ;D

  4. Q80BOY says:

    “so silly boy get out my face my face” sang Rihanna to Chris Brown when he hit her ..

    .. i wonder what the doc is humming :P

  5. frankom says:

    the doctor wanted to check for her maid in front of other doctors, the girl refused and said that only the doctor has the right to do so.

    something really went wrong from both sides

  6. Jim Reeves says:

    Sad scenes like these are common here esp when nationals are involved; that’s when the cops behave like women; PATHETIC !!! But if it were any other 3rd country citizen he would have been arrested on the spot & thrown in jail, after being slapped & beaten if not kicked.

  7. FYI says:

    sorry to say but most doctors deserve a beating.

  8. viewer says:

    This is really sick, shows one of the worst sides of living in Kuwait !

  9. clock says:

    the doctor wanted to check for her maid in front of other doctors, the girl refused and said that only the doctor has the right to do so.

    something really went wrong from both sides”


  10. Mr.pedro says:

    Maybe he said to her you are fine and i wont give you sick leave ?

  11. funny story says:


  12. KuwaitQ says:

    Discrace.. but there are always two sides to each story!

  13. sowhat says:

    regular scene in kuwaiti hospitals as am doctor my self . prolly he didn’t want to give her sick leave, thats common unfortunately …the problem is .. when those scum go to private hosp or travel abroad they become very polite and civilized

  14. Brownsuger says:

    eeeeh! such shaym :(

  15. Ugly Kid says:

    No matter what took place it shouldn’t ended with violence. This is uncivilized, even if the doctor was wrong, there are always legal ways.
    I agree medical care in Kuwait is not at it’s best but that doesn’t justify such actions.

  16. Amenah says:

    Security tapes cannot be accessed unless there is a police authorization .. so how the hell did Alrai TV obtain it first! I smell rashwa

  17. Al-Murqab says:

    the doctor wanted to check the lady’s maid infront of other men , she refused and said ill make a complaint on you. he said i dont care , get out you Jazmah ” shoe ” daughter of Jazmah ” shoe ”

    she tried to complain at the ministry of interior office but the interrogate didn’t do shit

    so she called one of her family members who came and gave the guy a beating ( which he deserved )

    Alrai TV is just giving misleading information

    the girl obviously took the first step right by informing officials , once it failed she took alternative actions

  18. Daddy's Girl says:


    la seriously w3! She with her stupid nido 7ejab calling that bald stallion, then when he hits the dr she is holding him back… why the hell did u call him then?

    o when he barged in, there was a lady in a 3baya inside who scurried outside at once

    meaning that if im at the Dr. being examined, i should expect any man or woman to barge in mid examination just because he was offended

    If i was a Dr. i would train my self in Kickboxing, Wrestling, and some Martial Arts… o have a long metal bad underneath my desk. Unless they start fending for themselves the beating would get worse

    malat 3lehom zain! E7tarait!

  19. Omar says:

    OMG! No one gave a shit, and the security guard ran away. That guy must be brought to justice. Also the doc is a faggot for not trying to fight back.

  20. J says:

    After she went to the MoI officer and nothing happened, she decided to go with the Dirty Harry approach.

  21. thegodfather says:

    thats so bad,
    talking “politely” is not a mode of communication anymore in hospitals. i am a surgeon here in kuwait, and what i’ve noticed throughout my practice is that people do present to the hospitals pre-occupied with the fact that medical care and doctors suck big time, in which i totally disagree.

    alot of doctors we have here are of good alumnnis from international hospitals, kuwaiti or non kuwaiti docs, plus we get to do alot of extra things that we dont get paid for for the sake of our patients.

    one other important fact is that alot of people, unfortunately, believe that docs n nurses work “for” them, as if they’re their maids !! they even jeopardize docs management plan over convenience.

    bottom line is, there are plenty of good docs in kuwait, plenty. the problem we have here is the lack of well-structured system for health care professionals to practice and well-formulated facilities for services to take a place.

    and to those who believe that hand language is okay: u dont deserve to be in human community.

  22. Desert_Doc says:

    With all of the revenue here in Kuwait there is no reason why medical care here should not be world class. The public hospitals are in desperate need of renovation. Kuwait’s sense of pride should extend to the medical care system. Improvements could reduce wait times and give doctors a chance to provide personal one on one health care that all people deserve.

  23. safi says:

    Just check out the comments on that video. Just goes to showing how low, demented and regressed people really are. I don’t know where these people keep popping from.

  24. Duke says:

    I think the bottom line is that, Gay fag is gay!

  25. GeordieLass says:

    aaah typical q8i girls with their smurf puffed up hajabs

  26. indiancurry says:

    I agree with thegodfather. FYI & Al Murqab are talking through their behind because such scum who are so ill mannered in Kuwait behave like mice in other countries. Instead of hand language, they should use sign language because calling them animals would be an insult to the animal kingdom!

    The few good doctors & surgeons at Government hospitals are leaving either to private hospitals or getting out of the country. There is no use arguing with the welfare system & getting abused to boot on top of that.

  27. Omar says:

    Whats up with the “Alien Head” hijab? Its sooo common these days, and looks hideous. Why is that supposed to look good? Makes it look like a birth defect in the head.

  28. BastardKiller says:


  29. ynoon says:

    wish to know what she said to the MOI officer and what was his reply
    thin we can judge the whole mess in a better way

  30. AndyQ8 says:

    “Civilization is the process in which one gradually increases the number of people included in the term ‘we’ or ‘us’ and at the same time decreases those labeled ‘you’ or ‘them’ until that category has no one left in it.”

  31. TR says:

    This is what I got from a youtube guy commenting on the vedio:
    (I say he deserved it!! I think the guy was wrong to come alone, he should have brought more ppl with him to give him a better beating!)

    وبما أن الأخ الذي قام بضرب الطبيب جارنا كان لزاما علي أن أكتب ما أعرفه في القضيه
    فالقصه كما يرويها لي هو :
    أن أخته << لاحظوا أنها أخته لأن قناة تقول ( لانعلم علاقتها بالشاب )
    أخته ذهبت إلى الطبيب مع الخادمه ودخلت على الطبيب ومن ثم أمرها بالتوجه للأشعه

    بعد عودتها من الأشعه كان في الغرفه مع الطبيب أشخاص غير الطبيب يعني رجال
    فطلب الدكتور من الأخت أن يكشف على الخادمه بوجود الرجال ولأنه نصراني فليس بعد الكفر ذنب !!
    الأخت رفضت الموضوع وبما أنها رفضت تنرفز الطبيب

    وحذف الأشعه عليها فردت عليه بالكلام وقالتله : والله بروح أشتكي عليك ..
    قالها روحي إشتكي يابنت الجزمه !! لهذا السبب هي ذهبت للشكوى ( الجزمه ) الله يعزكم
    توجهت للضابط لم يحرك ساكنا !!
    اتصلت بأخوها وهي تبكي !!

  32. Adel says:

    باختصار دكاترة العدان اغلبهم بلا اخلاق واذا اشتكيت عليهم بالطرق الحضاريه محد يسويلهم شي و ينهضم حقك ويدارون على الاطبه
    الواحد بالكويت لازم ياخذ حقه بيده لانه للاسف القانون بالكويت ما ينصف

  33. Ramez says:

    @ TR
    What the hell is لأنه نصراني فليس بعد الكفر ذنب !! ???????
    Why do u guys insert the religion in every issue ?????? didnt u ever see a bad Muslim? is that Doctor bad and got bad attitude because he is Christian? is that what you think? is what what your mind only can reach ??

  34. Ramez says:

    and is nasrani Kafer?
    You just made my day TR

  35. Spicy says:

    guys this is a norm in kuwait.. docs and nurses get belted everyday by retards..

  36. Hielda says:

    @TR !!!
    I am a Muslim and I refuse to call Christians by any names ,, Prophet Mohammad married a Christian lady, when Muslims needed an escape, our prophet sent them to a Christian country to seek protection, so now you want to make us believe that you are better than Prophet Mohammad !!!

    I am sick of ignorant people like yourself who did nothing but harmed Islam and promoted for it in a bad way !! next time USE YOUR HEAD before repeating things that you know nothing abt !!!!! 3alam jahalah !!

    What happened is a SHAME !!! this all what can I say !!!

  37. NaMmOoR says:


    Basically this is bullshit and it only happened because they can get away from it, i don’t believe the youtube story, and they are all protecting the Kuwaiti propaganda, sorry to say for my other half and my family…

    this is simply BULL SHIT

    if i was there in the same time i would have at least did something

    the other stupid thing that no one there tried to stop him for real

    they only stopped to watch whats going on…

    two must be taken action with full responsibility

    The Minister of Health and the Minister of Interior to stop this from happening in the future

    Racism & Xenophobia in Kuwait is growing large & needs a stand.

  38. TR says:


    I am copying what the guy said on youtube… ITS NOT ME WHO SAID THAT!


  39. TR says:





  40. TR says:


    I agree with your religious stuff you said..

    I disagree with you interms of that the guy didn’t deserve to be beaten, if you bad mouth somebday your asking for trouble .. he got it.

  41. Hielda says:




  42. TR says:


    I think you owe me an apology (for using the words “jahala”) due to the fact it wasn’t my words, I copied this from youtube to shed light on what happened, from the account of his neighbor (the bald guy in the vedio).

  43. NaMmOoR says:


    I didnt mean to point it to anyone i know what happened on youtube u was fighting that person who filled all the youtube about that stupid story about his claimed neighbors

    no offense to any one here man


  44. Ramez says:

    Sorry TR
    but you made very nervous the whole way from Home to work thinking about that post :(
    now its clear, Thanks anyway

  45. Security Adviser says:

    What happened is just plain SHAMEFULL.

    This is a hospital a place where people come to get relief and healing from medical ailments not a God Damn Wresteling Arena.

    First off ….getting physical was absolutely wrong. The MOH an the MOI should both take action aginst the doctor and the so called security agent. The doctor if it is proven that he crossed any ethical or medical grounds and for sure the MOI against the individual who raised his hand in the first place not to forget the chicken shit security agent who ran away and did nothing.

    And y is every 1 screaming about it. Forgive me but have you waited in line and seen what goes on at a Public Hospital??? I my self witnessed a fight that happened at the Sabah Hospital Emergency room just because a local Kuwaiti national didnt want to wait.

    While the rest of of us poor blokes sat or stood holding our numbers waiting to be called by the doctors this bloke just barged right in….. Right into the examining room where the doctor was in the middle of examining another patient.and asked the doc to check his wife who seemed to have a cold or the flu or God knows what.But she wasnt overly seriously sick . I mean she was standing up and walking so it couldnt have been that serious.When the doctor polietely asked him to wait till he was done and to wait his turn and number.. the guy blasted him saying…” Shonu wait?? Shounu rakam?? Aaana Kuwaiti ya Hindi Kaara.. this pissed of the doctor who yelled back in arabic as well … shounu kaara? ..meenu kaara? .. aana tabib mu aamil ya kadama..yaala bara.. next thing you know is that the man is taking his rope thingy off his head and whiping the doctor. Of course the doctor tried to defend himself and when the poor nurse tried to intervene she got socked in the face by the guy. Next thing you know is its mayhem with other doctors, the man’s wife and orderlies getting involvled.
    One or two good hearted young kuwaiti men got involvled from the waiting room next and they tried to reason and stop the guy hitting the doctor but they got insults and got hit for their trouble so they hit back.

    All the while the security guys who were called in from the other building didnt bother to do anything and in the end the guy stormed out with the wife trailing behind both screaming obscenities and threatening the doctor that they would fuck him and his family and deport them and other shit. but no one did anything to stop them leaving.. In the end they got away…. I mean come on for Christ sake if the woman was on a stretcher bleeding I would understand the man’s reasons getting pissed for being told to wait his turn; but it was cold goddammit ..a freaking cold… but then again this is Kuwait after all this is the usual every day stuff we read about in the news papers every day..Point here; what is being done to stop it?? Answer.. NOTHING.

    NO WAIT I stand corrected.. Those 02 young decent Kuwaiti men who got invovled stood up and DID try to do someting.. Kuwait needs more men like them. If every young man and woman Kuwaiti or otherwise stood up and did what they did , Kuwait would be a hell of a lot better place to live in and Kuwait’s public health centers would be the envy of the rest of the world.

    Wake up MOH and MOI get your asses in gear……. PROTECT AND SERVE… thats what the Government is paying you those big fat salaries to do.

  46. Exile says:

    health care in Kuwait is a sham. doctors are too lazy to interact with patients because they seem to always be in a bad mood..especially Egyptian ones.

    Indian doctors are waaaay too polite, patient, professional and willing to go the extra mile, i don’t care what they smell like…!

    I am Syrian married to an Indian…one day i took my Indian daughter for a vaccination shot at that facility near sultan center in Salmiya…and there was 3 ugly, desperate, depressed, late-middle aged nurses sitting there eating seeds (bizr) and one of them had the gall to ask me why I made my daughter Indian and not Syrian…i mean who the f*** is she to ask me such a personal question in the presence of my wife…no shame!

    One time I cut my right little finger with a shattered glass so deep i could see the bone so I went to the emergency Mubarak hospital in Jabriya, had to sit and wait for more than two f****** hours while my finger was bleeding into tissues. After the long wait, all the doctor did was cleaned and stitched the wound. That same finger no longer works, it does not go down when I make a fist, it just sticks up all the time. The idiot doctor did not bother to check if I had cut a vital vein or artirey or tendon or whatever the f*** that was permanently damaged and made me lose my little finger.

    So in all fairness and from my personal experience…I say f**** the health care system in Kuwait from top to bottom.

  47. Hielda says:


    Ana ba3tezer !! I am sorry for using the word “Jahala” ,, bas I was pissed !!!

    7a2ak 3ala rasee !!! Pls forgive me other wise I wont be able 2 go to sleep tonight knows that I am hated !!!


  48. kadavul says:

    Looks like Adan!?

  49. sally says:

    q-wait, you guys should remember we are humans, not animals!

  50. Dr Mohammed says:

    Im sorry for all that, i am a newly graduate Doctor from Kuwait University, and i am NOT KUWAITI. i am really so sorry for what is happening in our hospitals, oh im sorry their hospitals… the story as i see has many parts
    1) the EXAMING doctor is NOT KUWAITI … coz if he was kuwaiti the fucking guy and girl will be like chicken and will never dare to do what they did
    2) the patient (as usual, kuwaiti who doesn’t want to wait in line (sure they are ppl wit Blue blood – sha3b allah elmo’7tar – all others are below them ) so she wants to go in now.
    3) the patient did not like whatever he said
    no i am not agreeing with whatever the Dr said…. but u come and do that….omg
    guys, these ppl when they fuckin go outside they fucking wait in lines and be nafs el CHLAAAB = DOGS, i saw them in USA, they yeltazmoon o y’7afoon nafs el zbala…bs “oboy ma yegdar ella 3ala ommy”

    for sure the whole story will be shuved in the NON KUWAITI doctor’s ass
    and they kuwaiti guy will not even need to go to police station, coz 3amma flan el flani (mo8addam bel 7aras el wa6ani) aw ‘7ala flan el 3ellani (maba7eth ) thaba6a o 6afff
    i say…pooor kuwait…..really poor u kuwit, the place i was born in and loved alot, but not worth all that 2 stay here
    thak god i am staying one year and leaving to the us
    one more thing guys
    think of it if that dr was ur son, or ur father…my friend was SHOT by bullet in farwanyia hospital….
    for me, i will start from now on getting my weapon with me and put it next 2 me in the clinic (i wish i can get a gun….but i cant, i thin i will stick with police stick that i will buy soon)

    thx guys….

  51. Kuwait says:

    Not entirely related but I remember an MP’s insane suggestion once: Separate hospitals for Kuwaitis and Expats.

    My suggestion: SURE, as long as Kuwaitis are treated by Kuwaiti docs, and expats by expat docs!

    Doesn’t seem too bright now does it Mr. MP?

  52. indiancurry says:

    @ Security Adviser – I do not want to be racist, but such guys who cannot wait should apply for a visa at the American Embassy in Kuwait. They are made to stand, sit, kneel and shut up, all on the orders of the karaa security guards. If anyone dares to even answer back, they are evicted from the premises with a black list on their application form. You should see how the big & almighty are made to eat humble pie, especially the women who empty all their bags in front of the expat male security guards. They do not care even if you have a KNPC refinery fitted to your kidneys.

    Real power is freedom of action over your equals, not over the downtrodden!

  53. fahad says:

    plz tell me…this video is from which hospital? Coz few days ago i heard few ppl beat up an egyptian doc in KOC hospital ahamdi..

    is it dat?

  54. hosam says:

    ethical deterioration is still going strong

    welcome to Kuawit

  55. Om Sheikha says:

    Shame on the idiot doing the beating regardless of the docs comments. So she was treated badly not as badly as most of the non-Kuwaitis get treated here everyday. I hope he goes to jail that might curb his temper.

  56. q8teacher says:

    Instead of loathingthis country like so many of us do, we really need to band together and take a stand. The government and its nationals need to treat us all with more repsect or we simply need to leave…even if we have to give up some of that money the Kuwaitis pay us (because we do jobs for them that they couldnt possibly do).

    IF it doesnt get better —and sometimes it only seems to get worse — we need to leave. Life is too short for this treatment. God will only punish these ignorant bastards come judgement day.

    I say we leave this country to the Kuwait people and see how long it takes them to truely fuck it up for themselves.

    And to the good, educated, kind, hardworking, and moral Kuwaitis who are out there — and they do exist—sort out your people!!!

  57. Pediatric Dentistry says:

    #30 not true, I spent 3 years in Women and children’s Hospital of Buffalo, when A guy was chasing one of my colleagues from room to room, until my co-resident locked a door on himself waiting for the security to come, and believe it or not, nothing happened to the guy, they told him go home and never come back please. my co-resident was scared to go home.

  58. Kuwait says:

    No.55, Its Adan Hospital, not KOC Hospital in Ahmadi.

  59. d.jesus says:

    “two men enter, one man leaves” always believed kuwait was the closest thing to a real life barter town

  60. Security Adviser says:

    @ Indian Curry..

    Who is being a racist ??? Me?? I more of a realist …..A Public Hospital and the American Embassy are 02 entirely different scenes. I have been to the embassy and seen how they behave. I have seen how the stand quietly in line waiting their turn. I have seen how they are told to wait behind the line undo their belts and empty out their pockets.. I have seen all that. There the aana kuwaiti dont work… aana any nationality doesnt work. Even as an American we wait to be allowed in.

    You see over there they know that me make a ruckuss me get steel toe in ass and me no get to see lady with funny hat in the middle of the sea.

    But in a public hospital its them wearing the steel toes and its the Arab/ Asian Expatriate doctors ass being kicked. Thats the point

  61. Exile says:

    I keep wondering how a Kuwaiti feels like when they see what expats feel about them?! Do they feel upset, challenged, insulted, proud or as they should feel…motivated to CHANGE.

  62. jo says:

    most kuwaitis dont care about this.. they dont advocate change at all, hitting someone is nothing to them.

  63. laila says:

    First I want share true story about non Kuwaiti Drs Here in Kuwait I watched my father

    Die because sum dr saw how bad his case is and decided to talk to a Kuwaiti guy about wasta

    for his driving license he didn’t even turn to talk to me when I was asking him so politely

    To please come check on my dad and that he couldn’t breath until it was too late and he couldn’t do anything for him

    but I believe in god I didn’t say anything that was in adaan hospital…last year I had a heart failure

    After giving birth to my twins and I was taking by ambulance from mowasat hospital to adaan

    And dr at adaan wouldn’t check my heart like the dr from mowasat hospital suggested ( la ya madam

    inti 3andik nazlet bard w 7atro7i al bayet) I was so polite and insisted that I want my heart

    checked and he kept saying no tell I maid aphon call to my friend who her brother is a dr at the hospital

    he made few calls and I spend 10 days in the cardio intensive care unit which was thank god

    run by a kuwaiti dr and I’m still alive and polite…. 4 days ago we had to rush my mom to the military hospital

    and the dr was so busy with a swine flu case when he finished he came to check my mom and I

    asked him so POLITLY to change his gloves ( inti 7t3alimeni shogly ana 3aref ba3mel ehe)

    and then he saw her medication he paused for a few seconds then asked ( heya betakhod aldawa deh 3alashan ehe)

    I told him for her veins pressure and he said (ahh sa7 ) I lost it I just maid that word up I know the medication

    was for her cholesterol and he said (sa7) I really wanted to kill him I just toke here out of there and to a privet clinic

    tell me people how do you stay polite ..who is the hamaj and w3 and all the bad names u gave that

    guy if u gets sick here in kuwait and goes to a government hospital and u don’t have wasta u r on yr on

    and expect the worst no mater how polite u r.

  64. q8 says:

    very very sad
    my personal experience @ Adan Hospital was an Indian male(around 50) who could literally barely breath who had to wait before seeing the dr.
    he politely asked 2 kuwaity men who were about to enter the room,if he could enter before them and they looked @ him and snickered(laughed) and said no i am sick too, i have a cold. not all kuwaity are bad, but let us show our brotherhood, especially since we are “muslims”!!! as for this case, it is very sad that it resulted in fighting…

  65. islam says:

    its so sad that such a nice country as kuwait has the filthiest nastiest public hospitals in the world. we are in kuwait for Gods sake

  66. Lurker says:

    9ayra mo’9aa
    we also had an accident during Ramadan at Al-Ahmadi Hospital. Two tough guy blows a doctor’s head wide open because their ugly old mom said that he was molesting her -_-
    blood and broken glass was everywhere. I wished I had recorded it.

  67. indiancurry says:

    @ Security Adviser 3:54 am – If you read my post carefully, I said “I do not want to be a racist”, not you. Funny how you read it differently.

    Anyway, I know the US Embassy & hospitals are as different as chalk & cheese, I said such sickos should be treated at such places …

    Good day!

  68. Yaz says:

    The girl is obviously lying! She’s probably making up her story cause tuwahigat when she realized it was all on video tape, and she has no excuse!
    I am ASHAMED to be Kuwaiti, when we have people like this girl & guy who act in this uncivilized manner, wallah 3aib, but unfortunately, we get more and more of hal ashkaal!
    Allah iysa3id dikatrat il Kuwait ilee they have to deal with our society, who unfortunately, think they are above the law, and think doctors work for them and should attend to their every need whenever they feel like it.

  69. Security Adviser says:

    @ Indian Curry

    My Bad… will read more carefully next time….a 1000 apologies :)

  70. suzy says:

    With the encounter I had today with a Doctor,no wonder one would want to beat him up.He spoke to me as if he was treating me from his salary.He’s like you come everyday,theres nothing wrong with you.I was like you’re talking as if I love visiting hospitals and sitting in long lines writhing in pain.Its the second time in 5 years.When I asked him what do I do about the pain,hes like take this painkiller but I find nothing wrong with you.Damn it Doc,tell the patient what do you think he should do,find out why is he in so much pain? An adol or ponstan or olfen is not the answer to everything.His reply to me was ,”You’re pain is psychological”.Can you imagine this? Wouldnt you want to thrash his room around for speaking to you like that? No wonder people go to private hospitals…whats the use of paying health insurance here when the doctor degrades you like that!

  71. George says:

    You all know she has a pringles can up in her head right?

    Its the new fashion for Hijabi’s. That new new. 3008 shit.

    LADIES, if you cover your head you must get on it. Don’t be the laughing stock of the Hijabi society.

  72. rtyuiop says:

    That has got to be the shittiest reporting ever. If you don’t know the facts, don’t do a report on it. The only thing Al Rai had was like a videotape and everything else the actual reporter insinuated on.

    1) he mentions that the girl goes to complain, and they found it a simple problem, so they didnt do anything about it. Maybe, just maybe, the girl had a real problem and they didnt have time for it.

    2) people keep on complaining how no one did anything. So many people walked in, and tried to break it up.

    3) the girl seemed really upset, and the fact that the guy just walks in there and starts beating the doctor, clearly there is a big something we are missing out on ..

    4) also, it was kind of scary how he was just able to go in like that.

    conclusion – shitty shitty shitty kuwaiti healthcare system. the girl, is a patient, and as such, when she is going to complain, even if she has the slightest complain, it should be taken into consideration. Also, if it is like some people are saying (the doctor asked to examine the maid in the presence of other men who were not doctors, and then when the girl refused, he threw the x-ray at her and called her a shoe) then a lot, a lot of the blame is placed on the doctor. And the girl not only has the right to complain but she has a right to sue. Also, people keep on saying how this was not investigated properly. HOW THE FUCK DO U KNOW THAT? Maybe they called the police, but the doctor decided not to file a complaint, or wanted the case closed. Maybe. Just maybe. But the level of like inferences people are making is just annoying.

  73. Matt says:

    You cant expect any change , until the thinking does.
    Now I’ve been here for ages and I say to you all – It’s not all Kuwaitis who are as such. Infact there are Kuwaitis who are better than our own local natioanals in a zillion ways.

    You get a bunch of morons like this who clearly think they own everyone’s bottom and have the need to express themselves with fists.
    As far as Im concerned , the doc may/may not have deserved that(sometimes not everything works without being physical ) – i dont encourage it though!

    Im not Kuwaiti , but i tend to see a lot of people clearly generalising 50% of the local idiots with the rest of the sane ones. Needs to stop.. Every country has a lot of bs in their own backyard. (politics , religion , corruption and so on..) I would’nt like it if we had a bunch of outsiders generalising me with other retards of my society on the basis on nationality.

    All that said , i do wish they legalized alcohol here! ;)

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