Doha beach clean-up held 8th June 2012

Post by Mark

In just 2 hours, our team of 2 volunteers and 1 staff collected 21 bagfuls of waste weighing a total of approx. 130 kgs waste. This stretch of Doha beach – home to migratory birds, colonies of mudskippers and many different crabs – is presently polluted with debris left behind by spring campers, including upto 6 intact toilet installations. Our team focused on clearing over 200 sandbags in over an hour, hacking each plastic bag open and dislodging the sand. Remarkable dedication by our volunteers Ching and Fahad!

Great initiative and this is with just 2 volunteers. [Link]

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  1. strumming says:

    + 50781

  2. M.Chehimi says:

    i would really like to join in such an activity if its organized in a good timing . for example early morning of a weekend . great job people keep it up . i hope that FILTHY people would stop being them selves for once and see the results :S

  3. simple_man says:

    Is it any wonder..
    The report includes a list of the world’s top 10 polluting countries topped by Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. They’re followed by Denmark, Belgium and the United States. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Ireland make up the remainder.

    Full story:

  4. Ching Medrano says:

    Thanks 248AM for posting. We enjoyed doing this clean up and need more volunteers…please join us in taking care of the environment and enjoy a natural sauna!

  5. Roger says:

    Excellent well done. How long to do the whole country?

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