Eureka Macs

Post by Mark

I think Eureka are living in a world of their own. I past by yesterday and they had the old 15inch powerbooks for KD1115 which is $3818 making it nearly $2000 more expensive then the new 15inch PowerBooks. Way to go Eureka! I think they are officially the most expensive Mac store in Kuwait.

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  1. Jackie says:

    They had the 3G ipods for 250 and 280kd back when I wanted to purchase an ipod last year :r So of course they are the most expensive prices and such ;r

  2. Ahmed says:

    they want to ripe u off , go to the mac store in Wala` complex in hawali , they have the best prices in Q8 , mac city also sucks..

    yesterday my friend got 1 GB ram for his powerbook for 50kd from the mac store in Wala` complex , now thats a decent price! while mac city sell it for 75kd..

  3. 3baid says:

    I hate them so much. I hope they go out of business.

  4. Mark says:

    man i have hated them from day 1. they came into the market to compete with alghanim (whom i also hate) but they didn’t offer anything new or better. i hope they go out of business to. they need to offer more for less which they aren’t.

  5. SmoothTony says:

    I do agree with all. Eureka gets their mac from Integrated Offices (dealers for Mac after Sana went dead). It’s a pity Macs are not cheap like the USA. They are the best machines – this comes from a windows users!

  6. VACHAN SHARMA says:





  7. MM says:

    Can’t agree more. Both Alghannim and Eureka are bad. Very poor service (especially alghanim has a take it or get lost attitude). Prices are no good too. I had bought a juicer (some Spanish make) from Eureka. Last 6 months I am after them (the manufacturer and once sold Eureka has nothing to do with it) to buy a small part which broke off in the first month itself. I am told it has been shipped from Spain but not reached yet!! But this is Kuwait- consumer service is the last priority…..

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