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Everyone say hi to Geo

Hi Geo

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the pic looks like a doll that missing his eye and someone stick it again

and his head like a black frog

can you please take a good picture again

congrats mark and nat 😀
hope u three have good times in the many years to come..
i just feel sorry for him when he gets his first taste of kuwaiti summer 🙁 ur gonna have to shave the poor dude..

Sleepless in Salmiya, starring Mark Tom Hanks and Nat Meg Ryan. Now you will start begging him to be quite, you neeeeeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeping. I am sleeping on my desk before and after lunch, no dogs here.
Anyway congrats and welcome to the third one.

Congratulations on finally receiving your dog.
YO GEO. Hopefully later you can post a full detail on how the experience with Geo has been. Take care.

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