Fantasy World at Avenues

Post by Mark

Today I passed by Fantasy World that just opened up at Avenues. The place is pretty big and I found a lot of interesting random stuff. Two of my favorites are below:

Around two weeks back I was checking out this 3D webcam online and I found it at Fantasy World. They’re selling it for KD25 which is the exact same price as Amazon.

I also found this very strange aquarium called Easy Hatch. You fill it up with water and eggs hatch and you get colorful tropical fish and shrimp. That’s real fish and shrimp not toys. Weird stuff. Its selling for like KD8.

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  1. FYI says:

    the easy hatch looks cool, reminds me of the ecosphere. not the same but a lot cheaper.

    the ecosphere is developed by nasa and is a totally enclosed ecosystem. no wholes, you never need to feed them. the sunlight creates the algae which creates the food and oxygen and shrimps poop and so the cycle continues. you get two magnets one inside to clean the tank.

  2. Mark says:

    its freaky shit

  3. Na9er says:

    Mark, have you heard of Sea Monkeys? Their amazing! You can also find them at Fantasy World .

  4. billq8 says:

    MARK, i like the 3d webcam… but i read reviews on it that say it isnt very clear and difficult to use… maybe you can review it MARK ?

  5. Mark says:

    I didn’t get the webcam, I was just checking it out online because I thought the idea was interesting and I had just watched Avatar in 3D so figured video chatting in 3D might be as cool lol

  6. your old friend Krishna introduced me to your site and its AMAZING MAN!!!!!!

  7. Abdul Jaleel says:

    I’ve been goin thru ur blog on a daily basis for a few weeks nw and i must admit tht it did stand out from the rest of the crowd! Probably it syncs well with my taste as well..But honestly appreciate the effort being put in to regularly update the blog! Keep going Marc and i guess top20 list stands true in your case..Respect!

  8. MoonSnake says:

    The 3D webcam looks interesting, they are also making a 3D HD TV ( Heres a link:

    Mark maybe you should Blog about “The Future of TV”
    Just a thought.

  9. BoBader says:

    Mark. Were you there Friday or Saturday? I was there Friday night with my son and noticed a lebanese and a Kuwaiti looking around and taking pictures and I thought it must be you LOL

  10. lendmeurear says:

    “real fish and shrimp”? they will be like… alive??! no thanks

  11. chaoticposha says:

    WOW i love toys
    i passed by the other day the staff were awesome and smiling all the time and very helpful!

    I actually liked the staff more than the toys haha

  12. ngree says:

    i love thier toys :)

  13. pearls says:

    Love it I think I’m getting easy hatch :)

  14. baddunk says:

    SEA MONKEYS have been around since the 80’s

  15. TweeZ says:

    out of topic….

    did they find another planet like Earth?

    Sorry, but the second toy reminded me of that….in a way.

  16. I was planning on getting an aquarium in my room! Ill just get that and see how it goes ;D

  17. Kuwait says:

    BoBader lol :) It must’ve been him. And how’d you know the guy taking pics was lebanese AND Mark?

    I think the exact way. I remember going to the Autoshow in Mishref a year back, and everywhere I went… I saw this fair (and round) guy taking pics of all the cars. And thought to myself… “this must be Mark” lolz :D

  18. Mark says:

    guys i am not fat :(

  19. Mathai says:

    I was checking out the aquarium too but its not the closed ecosystem that FYI mentioned. You have to grow them in some petri dish and then transfer to the tank. Its saltwater btw.
    Mark did you check out the night vision goggles?

  20. MoonSnake says:

    Marks comment made me LOL :D
    I think i might pass by Fantasy world soon.

  21. Eddie says:

    Ok guys I ve been to Fantasy world today and found out that there are no eggs to hatch you have to order them online! In other words its not worth I wanted to buy one for myself ;p

  22. Mark says:

    ignore whats written on the box, thats what i thought until i noticed the eggs inside in a different pack.

  23. Eddie says:

    Cause even the sales man told me the same thing so I ended up not buying them!

  24. FYI says:

    the ecospheres are available on amazon but i don’t know if any of the shipping companies will deliver them or whether the shrimps will survive the journey.

  25. Eddie says:

    Mark according to the sales man that’s the food:p

  26. Mark says:

    There are two packets inside. One filled with yucky moist brown stuff, the other with white salt like substance.

    The white salt like substnce is sea salt, the brown moist stuff is eggs. Fantasy World aren’t that stupid to sell you it without the eggs and salt.

  27. Mark says:

    Just googled it. The brown moist stuff is actually soil with hibernating eggs.

  28. Mark says:

    The white stuff is brine shrimp/sea salt.

  29. mo says:

    didnt read the comments so maybe someone mentioned this already .. but that easy hatch reminds me of south park when cartman gets the “sea people” haha

  30. lakshmi says:

    Dear all,

    Where can i get a real ecosphere in kuwait. appreciate good suggetion.


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