Fire at the Junkyards

Post by Mark

So I was reviewing the McLaren today and decided to head to the junkyards to take some photos of the car. On the way, there was a small cloud of smoke in the distance and I figured it was the tire fires again. Turns out it was a lot closer than the tire dump… it was in the exact same location where I wanted to shoot the car! Talk about a weird coincidence. There were no fire trucks or cops at the scene but not wanting to get stuck there once they did arrive we decided to leave. As we were heading back to the highway the firetrucks and cops had started arriving but the fire looked HUGE so not sure if they were able to put it out yet.

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  1. Ahmed K. says:

    You were reviewing the McLaren!! Man show us the photos!! Goesh I saw it today at the Avenues.. what a fine looking machine!!

    • Mark says:

      I just got home and there are nearly 200 photos I need to go through plus a post I need to write. Should be up by tomorrow night or Sunday morning. Check out my instagram though for pictures I shot with my phone.

      • Ahmed K. says:

        Can’t wait to see them once you’re done editing..
        Just checked your instagram, dude.. these are teaser photos :) will wait for the review impatiently!

        Amazing work as usual Mark!

  2. Rafeek says:

    Dude screw the fire – you are in a McLaren!

  3. Anon says:


    Not sure you informed your eager and loyal readers that you are going to test driving McLaren…..

    Nevertheless please post it ASAP

    I’m pretty excited and can’t wait….

  4. moe80s says:

    man what’s taking you so long! post the pics.. McLaren NICE!

  5. BAJS says:

    Lol such anticipation for the pics xD Mark sprinkle your magic on the awesome pics you took today :D

  6. serious says:

    Mclaren and junkyards dont mix

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