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FOR SALE: Sony Clie UX-40 PDA

Since my new phone does not have bluetooth or GPRS anymore, I am going selling my Sony Clie PDA. The model version is UX-40. It has a 480×320 resolution screen, a keyboard with backlight, bluetooth with an option of upgrading to wifi, a built in VGA camera to capture pictures of videos, an excellent web browser, you chat on msn, use ftp, telnet, vnc whatever you want, it takes memorysticks, you can watch movies on it, its basically like a tiny PC. Out of 10 I would give my PDA a condition of 7. I am considering selling it for KD70 which is fairly similar to how much they are selling for on ebay, actually I think mine is even cheaper. I still have the box and manuals all in excellent condition. If you are interested contact me. Here are some pictures.

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for picture quality go to 99% of the pics there were with the UX 40

the wifi card used to cost 100$ a couple of months ago, i am sure you can find it cheaper on ebay or somehting

battery life? well it easily lasts me the whole day but if you surf the web none stop it can last like 4 hours.

Its a really good PDA. I am quiet impressed with the hardware it keybaord + pen, nice camera. The only thing I have against it is that its PALM but thats a personal choice and would have easily ignored it since it was well worth the hardware.

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