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Friday Morning Ride (22-12-06)

me with my bike

Got up at 9, gave Marzouq a call and woke him up. We decided to meet at Marina Crescent at 9:45. I got dressed and left the house at 9:15 and to kill time I rode all the way to the end of the Gulf Road passed Kuwait City and then came back down Marina Crescent to wait for Marzouk.

Once he came he was like we are going to Hilton in Mangaf. I was like sounds cool and we headed out. After a quick stop for gas we hit the Fahaheel expressway. It was my first time on a highway so I was pretty excited.

The roads were practically empty and the weather was just amazing. Since the expressway is just a long straight line I opened up the throttle to see how fast I could go. I hit 170KM/h before I decided to go back down to the our cruising speed of 140KM/h. The bike could easily have flown past 170, I was only in 4th gear (out of 6) and the more throttle I gave it the more the bike would pull away. In the end I decided to throttle down because the wind resistance was just too much. The speed cameras all didn’t seem to be working today. I tried to get one to fire (no front license plate on bikes) but none wanted to go off.

After getting to Hilton we decided to head back to Marina and have breakfast. The road back was pretty quick and when we finally got to Marina it was a lot more packed. We parked our bikes and had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. First thing we ordered was hot chocolate to warm us up a bit. That was quickly followed by a bread basket and omelets.

It was 12PM by the time I got home.I am off work now for 2 weeks starting tomorrow so I think I will be riding every morning. Its really a lot of fun.

Picture by Marzouq

16 replies on “Friday Morning Ride (22-12-06)”

It is not a good idea to flash the speed cameras with bikes even though there is no number plate in the front ! You will not be caught but too many of them then we will be forced to put a plate in the front ! For the sake of the occasional flash that we can get away with , pls do not do it intentionaly.
Glad U had a good time.Call me sometime to ride together.

Hehehe.. that was a good time!

Jafar none of the cameras are working! Im serious they arent working at all. If the cameras are working then the flash would go off because it does that day or night, it doesnt have a light sensor, but all the cameras we passed wouldn’t go off!

Do you say that you did not order your BMW K1200R with the optional Heated Grips ? Next bike you should.
Also I am glad Cameras were off,but my point is we should not do it intentially….Cameras on the little cars on the side of the road always work.I supply them with German batteries !
Also I would not advertise 170 Km/hr speed ! It gives us bike lovers a bad immage !

so you were the one Mark, who whizzed past my accord yesterday…on the gulf road, you were alone then….most probably on the way to meet marzouq

Even if you have a front plate, you can still flash a camera while doing a wheelie, they may force you guys to put a third plate under the bike 😉

Jafar you provide batteries to the enemy! I know what you mean, I try to avoid instegating the police so they leave the bikers alone as we are.

Ran what time did he pass you?

Rabie hahahaha

i hate those booby trapped camera cars. almost all my speeding tix come from the ones they randomly put on the 2nd ring road.

i really want to stop one time and set fire to them.


I can’t imagine how that’d feel. Did you like bend ’till your chin touched the bike to avoid the wind pushing you back?

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