Halo 2 Frag Fest Results

Post by Mark

halo results

Today at 6PM, Fadibou and me played Halo 2 against Ripping Fabric and Ozy in the first game of this summers Halo 2 Frag Fest. We got our asses kicked, here are the results:

Blue Team (eXtinct: Fadibou and Mark

Red Team (Da Hui): Ozy and Ripping Fabric

Game 1 Results [Area: Lockout]
Red Team: 50 Kills
Blue Team: 6 Kills

Game 2 Results [Area: Headlong]
Red Team: 50 Kills
Blue Team: 17 Kills

Overall Winners: Red Team

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  1. Shot says:


    Hard Luck Mark ;) maybe next time you will win :P

  2. Moey says:

    heh, 5eir next time

  3. nibaq says:

    I predicted it very well, pat and ozzy would reach 50 before Mark and Fadi hit 20.

  4. fadibou says:

    he he he. Ozy was shifting the balance. I think he is the Master Chief in person. Pat was like a walk in the clouds for us, we got the 19 points from him now we need to see what is wrong with Ozy and why is he so not used to loosing ??!@!!!@!@!

  5. Patrick says:

    if you checked the scores in Lockout and Ascension You’ll see that I killed you guys more often then Ozy did.

    Why? Because you can’t go around hiding, camping, and sniping. That’s the only advantage you have over me.

  6. Ozy says:

    Actually Pat..you scored higher than me on Coagulation. Ascension, we had literally identical scores. I got more points on lockout.

  7. Patrick says:

    Oh yeah that’s right. I forgot we played in Coagulation.

  8. fadibou says:

    Any way, I am up to be beaten till I can beat. lets play sunday after 6 at my place, or else, I am off on thursday and can take wednesday off if we can play the whole damn day.

  9. Patrick says:

    I’m in. I’ll talk to my bro about it.

    A whole day on Wednesday sounds good too. =] We’ll settle this then ;)

  10. Mark says:

    u cant have frag fest every week, it would lose its meaning. it should be atleast once every 2 weeks. nibaq is gonna play in the next tournament also.

  11. Patrick says:

    it doesn’t have to be a frag fest, =]

  12. rampurple says:

    lol mark takes things a bit too seriously.
    I watched the first 4 games…. Thanks guys for the good laugh :P

  13. Mark says:

    i kick your ass any day in a racing game. Rallisport Championship anyone??

  14. fadibou says:

    Leave it to me Patrick, I have an extra room in the house, we can have 2 TVs in it and 2 Xbs and we can ramble, call it a frag or a defrag, I am upto it. Tomorrow night I can pass and pick you as well as OhZee and we can start rambling. I already took wedneday off so we can start wednesday morning and lets say finish ummmm friday night???

  15. fadibou says:

    what’s a frag fest anyway ?

  16. Mark says:

    ok if you dont know what frag means we got a problem!! :)

  17. Patrick says:

    Ozy will probably not be able to make it tomorrow (Sunday), but Wednesday is cool.

  18. fadibou says:

    thank you mark, now i know what happened to us in urbandictionary vocab

  19. fadibou says:

    we got fraggggggggggggggged

  20. Cyc says:

    Nice .. u guyz from kuwait ? and play halo2 ?:P well .. am from kuwait but cant find alot of ppl that play halo2:( every time ppl challenge us we kick their asses ;p

  21. Cyc says:

    ops .. forgot to put my email here .. i want to know more about this ;p boto1987@hotmail.com plz add me

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