HALO 2 Summer Frag Fest 2005 – Round 3

Post by Mark

halo 2

This is Round 3 of the official Halo 2 Summer Frag Fest 2005 hosted by 2:48AM. This week we will have a new commer to our team, Edjamacated Guy who will be joining our side, Team Damen. This week there will also be a 1-on-1 personal grudge match between Fadibou and Ripping Fabric. There game will be best of 3 with a 25 kill limit and it should prove interesting to watch. Here is the roster for this weeks game:

Team Damen (Its German)
Edjamacated Guy

Team Da Hui
Ripping Fabric

Date: August 11th, 2005
Time: 6:00PM (+3GMT)
Prize: Winners will receive 2 Shani drinks
Setup: 2 TV’s and 2 Xboxs
Rules: 50 kills, two rounds, two levels, a third round if necessary, no time limit. Random starting weapons. One level chosen by Team Damen, one level chosen by Team Da Hui. If there is a third round, Nat will randomly choose it.

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  1. nibaq says:

    Then we will have the real frag fest with Mario Party 5!!!

  2. fadibou says:

    we will mutiliate them, and gragment their helmets.
    I think ….
    But patrick watch out, revenge is near urghhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Shot says:

    Good Luck Mark

  4. Patrick says:

    Fadi, you should stop challenging me, there is no way you can beat me, no matter how much you practice. Just give up =]

    I went easy on you last time, I wont this time around ;)

  5. nibaq says:

    My money is on Patrick 25-5.

  6. Patrick says:

    I beat him last time 25-7, I think I can do 25-0.

  7. fadibou says:

    how come you only tell them about the games where you beat me and never about the games you desert like a ranaway train
    just because i got a better weapon ???
    I might loose several games, but never ranawy from one because the rules are tougher than normal.

  8. Patrick says:

    Fadi. You want me to tell them about it? Sure.

    The match before the game where Fadi and I were supposed to play, was a “Shotgun” only match, so we took off all the weapons available on the map, so you couldn’t pick up anything and the only weapon you could use is a shotgun (obviously). When it was time for Fadi and I to play one on one, I forgot to switch back the option, and so we started a match with only the weapons in your hand and their was nothing left on the map to pick up. So example, you can’t have a dual weapon (which is a big part of the gameplay) only the gun you started the round with. The only way to get a different gun is to die. Keep in mind, there is no ammo on the map.

    Fadi wanted to continue playing this way, without thinking what the consequences would be. Obviously our scores would be a lot closer, because once I ran out of ammo with the gun i was using, I couldn’t pick up ammo, only the weapons the other player drops.

    Now tell me Fadi, why was it you wanted to continue playing that? So our scores would’ve been closer? Right.

    So I ended that match and started a new match, with weapons available on the map. Fadi lost 25 – 7. I wasn’t even trying.

    Stop using that match as an excuse just because you suck in Halo. You will never be able to defeat me, no matter how much you practice, you don’t know how to use the weapons in the game, you don’t know anything about dual weaponry, you don’t know the advantages and disadvantage of each weapon OR where each weapon is located. So Fadi. Please. =]

    Now I’m not pissed off, or angry at Fadi even though it would seem this way. Just annoyed because he calls me cheap. He’s the first person to ever use that term and if you ask anyone else I play with, I have a whole list of morals and ethics I play by. Ask Ramsey, he knows them pretty well.


  9. Mark says:

    Everything will be settled come this Thursday. Should be an interesting match.

  10. fadibou says:

    Sorry to piss you off Patrick. You are right, I am not as good as you, I don’t do well in duels and probably the rocket launcher is my favourite weapon appart from the Scorpion tank, but still I never walk out on a game and I usually attack rocket launchers with a hand gun, now lets see this weekend, you never know, I might be getting this game after all this practice with you guys.

  11. Patrick says:

    First of all, if you read everything I wrote, I mentioned that I wasn’t pissed off, just aggravated. There is a difference.

    You know what, Yeah, I did walk out of that match because I didn’t find it entertaining, there was no mix and match with weapons and it would’ve been a bore, in the end i would’ve still beaten you (even though you probably think not) but the score would’ve been a lot closer due to the lack of weaponry.

  12. fadibou says:

    So there is no reason to get aggravated, I would have lost in the end.

  13. Patrick says:

    it’s the way you bring it up, and calling me cheap. When everyone knows I’m everything but that.

  14. fadibou says:

    I meant cheap in the game, not in person if it helps and I take it back.

  15. Patrick says:

    in the game, duh! Why would I think you were talking about my personality in real life? This is a Halo entry, not a “Patrick” entry =]

    Anyways, as I said earlier, if you think I’m cheap (in the game) then you don’t know how to play Halo.

  16. Ozy says:

    Come on guys! It’s all fun and games. Stop making it like a soap opera =P

  17. Patrick says:


    It is fun and games, it’s like I’m pissed off or anything. I mentioned that earlier :: points up :: Read!

  18. Ozy says:

    hehe i know. I wasn’t just refering to you. =D

  19. Ktown says:

    damn this is old.

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