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Hamleys in Kuwait Soon

According to Arabian Business, the British toy store Hamleys will be opening in Kuwait within 6 to 12 months. The article doesn’t say where it will open but my guess would be in the Avenues phase III. [Link]

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I’m just waiting for avenues to open all the phases. they’re taking too long, I want a mall I can get lost in and spend the whole day without getting bored.

I love the Hamleys in London and I’m 20 years old haha. They seriously have everything! The staff are so friendly and interactive and the store is full of magical toys and gizmos! I hope they try to replicate it as much as possible.

Can see it now, just like the Hamleys in Dubai, and another big name brand, with no excitement and no fluffy stuff, except maybe the staff – “hello ser’, ma’aaam’!!

was extremely disappointed with the Dubai Hamley’s and I’ve never even been to the one in London LOL .. it was a waste of 10 minutes in my life I’ll never see again.

As my insider tells me MS Retail will brig Hamleys to Kuwait. MS Retail is the same company who owns Baroue.

wow a franchise opening up here that is actually worth a shit and no food-related. This is amazing and I can’t wait.

Hamleys had a small outlet in Kuwait in the 80s via the company MA Shuaib & sons. The outlet was called ‘Saad Toys’ in Salmiyah. But they wound up the business.

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