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How do you ask for a raise?

I am thinking of asking management for a raise since recently my responsibilities and workload have increased considerably but I don’t know how to. There is no time that seems like a right time and even if the right time came along I am not sure how I would start the conversation. Any tips?

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This is the million dollar question.
My technique, a bit primitive, is the following:
Look for a better paid job and resign, if they raise you stay, if not you have just got a new name on the CV.
Result: More money, new friends, no worry about a raise for another year, and the last thing is “Multicompany, Multiculture, multilanguage, mutliregion experience”
Or simply get a book called “How to get a raise and not ask for it”. But like all technically advanced things, works only in the US and Europe.

ooof thats a bit too hardcore for me! hehe, i was thinking along the lines of always ask for a loan after lunch kinda tip. resigning to get better pay is to in their face but i guess if all else fails..

Since you have just joined the company it’s a bit hard. For me I kept on asking about the date when I am going to get a raise and they kept on delaying it so I took another approach by looking for a job and letting them know about the offers I got till they gave in and gave me what I asked for.

Do never never threat your boss of leaving if he doesn’t raise you… he would lose faith in you and you might sound like a person who don’t care about the company goals (in the long term).

Ask for a raise when 2 conditions are satisfied :
1 – the company made more benefits
2 – You’re part of the success in those benefits

Then, talk about this year profits, about what you’ve done and it will sound normal to deserve a raise.
Btw, the best period for asking that is the annual reporting.

yeah I have been here since late December but when my Creative Director left a few months ago I took over many of his responsibilities but my salary hasn’t changed..

Tunisiano sounds cool, are annual thingy is this month so i guess my timing is right now.

I completely disagree with fadibou… tunisiano has the best solution… it is essential for the company to depend on u and know that they are dependent on u. what’s u know that has been done, you can easily walk up the manager and tell him “look… i’ve been here for (time period) and my responsibilities have gained. I dont mind them at all but really enjoy the challenge of completing those duties. what are the chances that i can get a raise since I have proven myself and am working hard?”

Ramprurple: I said I have a primitive technique so please don’t judge me 🙁
Mark: If they don’t see your value, they will not see it when you highlight it to them.
The trick is the following: without mentioning the raise, you have to start showing what can be done with you around and what stops when you are not. The more they associate this, they will automatically start discussing the payback and it will magnify your efforts.

You should tackle your superior six months in advance of your next review, take charge of the more interesting, more public projects, and show how your input was vital to the success. The company should feel that you are indispensable. This should make you a prime candidate for a raise.

Also, make your boss feel needed and important, always ask for his opinion and advice, and praise him; all while snatching work that your colleagues are hesitant to do. This will make you look like a true team player even if you’re not.

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