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Jordanian Man Given Life for Kidnapping, Raping Woman

I was just catching up on some news on the Arab Times website when I came upon this article about a Jordanian man who had sex with a Kuwaiti girl. The guy was given 15 years in jail followed by deportation. The thing is though from what I read in the article is that she consented to the sex. She just didn’t want him to lose her virginity (ie. she wanted it from the back) but when he did lose her virginity she went and reported him to the police. According to her he sweet talked her into having sex with him although she didn’t want to. Come on, thats total bullshit.

He then asked her to close her eyes saying he has a surprise for her. He then talked to her in a soothing way which made her unable to resist him. He asked her to have sex and the woman is said to have requested him not to ‘damage’ her hymen. However, the man failed to keep his word as she found herself bleeding.


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THAT’S TOTAL BULLSHIT! oh wait, u said that already…

the idiot chick, if u don’t want to “damage ur hymen”, i have a suggestion: “DON’T HAVE SEX!!! U DUMBFUCK!” am i allowed to say dumbfuck here?

anyways, thanks for making me feel soooooo smart today, u’v made me realize that there are alot of stupid chicks i should feel superior to 😀

*walks away tet7al6am and screams: sij ghabiya!*

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