Kayaking from Kuwait to Oman for a Cause

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Kuwaiti athlete Bashar Alhunaidi will be leading a kayaking expedition from Kuwait to Oman to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the Gulf. Bashar along with three other kayakers and a small support team plan to kayak along the coast of all 6 GCC countries to highlight the positive and the negative. The journey will take approximately 2 months to complete and the entire expedition will be filmed for a future documentary. Bashar and his team will be taking off today on their adventure and you’ll be able to follow them on the following social media accounts:

Facebook: /kayak4kuwait
Instagram: @kayak4kuwait
Snapchat: kayak4kuwait


So far I’m pretty disappointed with the amount of things they’ve shared on their social media accounts. It sounds like a crazy adventure (and it is) but they haven’t shared anything so far, even though they’re taking off today. No information on what kind of kayaks they will be using, no information on what kind of gear they’re taking with them, no route map, no nothing. If it was me I would have been posting a ton of shit already, like videos showing some of my gear, a video explaining how many hours I would be kayaking, where I would be sleeping, how I will be eating etc.. If they want people to take notice of their journey then it would be nice to share a lot more than just a picture of Bashar at the 99.7RKFM studio. I’ve seen people share more pictures of their dinner then the kayak team has shared about this adventure.

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  1. Ipsom says:

    Yes Bashar can a bit too humble at times lol

    I think a sperate Insta account just for the expedition would have been great

  2. Alyah says:

    Hey, that’s a little harsh. If it’s all non-profit then the prob don’t have the digital support to have someone constantly cover their social media accounts. Support for this initiative would be great, as opposed to calling then out for not having a fully fledged digital campaign. I am pretty sure the people at the core of the expedition are a small group and already have their hands full.

    Maybe see if this platform can offer them links to good Samaritans that would like to help? Just a suggestion.

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