Kuwait Liqour Permit from 1965

Post by Mark

Wanna know how an alcohol permit used to look like in Kuwait? Check this one out by clicking [Here]

Update: On a related note and from the archives.. Oil, Oil Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

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  1. baderb says:

    It looks like it’s limited to Gray, mackenzie& co Ltd. does that mean back then they had monopoly over the market?

  2. queen says:

    what’s with you and alcohol?

  3. Mnfear says:

    By the power god gave me and satan !! I will not allow alcohol to be legal !! .. if you don’t like it you can go to other countries and drink as much as you want !!

    May The God be merciful on your souls … to those who drink alcohol

  4. Joe says:

    It is 2013, let people decide for themselves if they want to drink for fark sake!

  5. lolguy says:

    Hold on……it was legal????
    What suddenly happened to bring about a ban?

  6. Kingfisher says:

    @ Mark – great post.

    Gray Mackenzie now known as ISS / KMMC where i currently work indeed sold booze from a tiny window located on the ground floor facing the gulf road or sief palace. Big time monoply during those days. Earned Millions i suppose.
    In fact alot of our Kuwaiti clients still call our company Gray Mackenzie and not ISS or KMMC for the great times they have had in the past. Not bad ha!!!

  7. Klay says:


    What’s your sudden interest of Alcohol in kuwait? Your trip to amsterdam got to you?

  8. moe237 says:

    It was even written in legible, grammatically correct english! sometimes, as strange as it sounds, I wish I could go back in time.

    • Baj says:

      Grammatically correct English. Don’t get to see that these days.

    • aaa says:

      That’s because the only people speaking English back then were native speakers, it would be a lot harder to get around in Kuwait in the 60s without knowing Arabic.

  9. Buzz says:

    Alcohol was banned by an act of Parliament, I believe sometime in the 70s.

    • guerrilla tactics says:

      Alcohol was banned by an act of Parliament in the 1980s

      In the 1980’s, the Government did electoral gerrymandering by redistricting voting constituencies to over-represent the Islamists.

      In the 1980’s, most Kuwaitis didn’t support Islamsits hence the electoral gerrymandering…

      Now all the Islamists have turned against the Government so the monarchy is trying to get rid of them (most Islamists are Saudi dual citizens).

      The Government is currently trying to undo its intentional Islamization of Kuwait over the past decades. In the 1970s and 1980s, most Kuwaiti women didn’t wear the hijab.

  10. The Real says:


  11. Traveler says:

    I would rather have a bottle in forn of me than a frontal labotomy.

  12. Ahmad says:

    kuwait airlines had some alcohol permit before the invasion ….. before the invasion alcohol was available and sold pretty much everywhere but it was kept quiet, they used to warn them or fine them in most cases…. it’s only these 20+ years after the invasion that they started punishing those alcohol dealers severely

  13. SD says:

    ….its just a post on the past….its not sold legaly now… so why r people getting offended here. n yea @people who think “wats with Mark n alcohol” ..its just a blog people and hes blogging not advertising or selling…

    @Mnfear …people do respect the fact that you do not want or will not let alcohol be legal in this country but….. if you do get a chance …read the daily paper’s n take a look at the nationality of people who get caught for druken driving or even accidents caused due to drunkeness…. Its easy to stop and deport the expat …what you gonna do bout your own…. just a thought no offense.

  14. kuwait says:

    The Kuwaiti government will legalize alcohol in the 2020’s or 2016-2019

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