Kuwaiti Deal

Post by Mark

It seems some young Kuwaiti boys made a Kuwaiti version of Monopoly Deal and are selling it. If you’re interested you should hurry and buy a copy now before they get slapped with a lawsuit. Check the following link for more information [Link]

Update: The blog SIX TWO has better pictures [Here]

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  1. Rehab says:

    Its an Old idea.
    Few years back a group of student company made same Kuwait version of Monopoly under INJAZ Kuwait.
    Or maybe these are same group of student.

    btw, how Avenues cost over here ;) ?

  2. Yousef says:

    Got it yesterday, its fun!

  3. Marron Glace says:

    Guys don’t copy paste and be more creative use your head
    to create a new ideas and a totally new game

  4. Blink says:

    Oh Kuwait. The land of boycotting.

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