Lacoste Sale

Post by Mark

Lacoste has a 40% sale starting from today up till the 29th of September.

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  1. Zorbon says:

    Which store?

  2. Mark says:

    Lacoste store… in Salhiya and Galleria 2000

  3. Ro says:

    Great!! I love their perfumes. Earlier, they had this great perfume called “Land”, but they discontinued it. That used to smell awesome.

  4. Pearls says:

    I love this month ..

  5. fractal00 says:

    Yesh this month rules … everyone is on SALE :D

  6. limited_edition says:

    yeah i love this month too..KUWAIT IS ON SALE!! =P

  7. SWOS says:

    i hate sales .. kila cheap people trying to buying anything with the logo on..even if it looks like crap.

    anyways am sure 100% that the nice stuff were all sold before the sale (full price)

  8. Che says:

    Where is salhiya and galleria 2000?

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